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Antalya Museums

Antalya Museums 2020

Antalya Museum has 14 exhibition halls and open exhibition areas. Artifacts belonging to the region’s thousands of years of history are on display in the museum. Major works;

Antalya has a rich history with its history as well as its natural beauty. Excavations prove that there were humanity and settlement in Antalya 40 thousand years ago. Historical buildings and artifacts are not few in the city, which has such an ancient history. In 2000 BC, the Hittites and Pamphylia, Lycia, Cilicia, Persia, Alexander the Great, Antigonos, Ptolemais, Selevkos, the Kingdom of Pergamum, the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire ruled in these lands.

There are many museums where we can have an idea about the rich history and culture of Antalya. We have researched, compiled and presented these museums and their works for you.

About to Antalya Museum

It was founded in 1922 by teacher Süleyman Fikri Erten. The works that were first saved without looting during the First World War were taken under protection in this museum. Until 1972, the Antalya Museum, located in the Alaaddin Mosque in Kaleiçi, and then in the Yivli Minaret Mosque, was later moved to its place.

Sculpting works of Roman Period in Perge,

Bone stylized human head extracted from the Karain Cave,

Female figure from terracotta extracted from Hacılar location in Burdur,

Female figure with children from Phrygians in Bayındır Elmalı Tumulus,

Women’s embossed test belonging to the Hellenistic Age,

The Tomb Cover and Perseus statue in Limyra,

Votive plate removed from Lycia,

Aphrodite in Perge, three beauties, Dancer woman statues and Herakles Tomb

Suna Inan Kılıc Kaleici Museum

Suna Inan Kirac Museum
Suna Inan Kirac Museum

The museum, which is located in two historical buildings in Kaleiçi, was bought by the couple from Suna and İnan Kıraç and was repaired in 1993-1995.

The museum building is a typical 2-storey Turkish house with sofas. The works from the excavations of the region are exhibited in the museum. The other building in the garden is an Orthodox church built in the name of Aya Yorgi. Cultural and artistic works collected by Suna-İnan Kıraç are on display. Coffee is served, and activities such as henna night and groom shaving are organized.

Antalya Ataturk House Museum

Ataturk is a two-storey mansion with masonry stone walls and a tiled roof when he comes to Antalya. It was also used as the governor’s building. Since 1986, it serves the public as Atatürk House Museum.

On the first floor of the mansion, there is a photo exhibition, a room where documentaries can be watched, a dining room and an office. The personal belongings of Atatürk are exhibited in the room on the upper floor. There is a section where commemorative coins are exhibited on the upper floor with a bedroom, meeting room, study room.

Perge Ruin

Perge was established on the wide plain between the two hills, 4 kilometers west of the Aksu River. The city was planned during the Late Classical, Hellenistic and intensely Roman Empire periods, and repairs were made by expanding over time. There is a colonnaded street, water canal, four monumental fountains and two large baths in the lower city. City walls, towers, bastions and gates have survived to the present day.

Antalya Toy Museum

The museum in Kaleiçi was started to be built in September 2010 by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department. Sunay Akın, owner of the Istanbul Toy Museum, advised the construction of the museum. It was opened with a ceremony on April 23, 2011. It is the third toy museum in Turkey. The museum, where toys are exhibited from the past to the present day, attracts attention as much as the children.

Weaving Park Anatolian Toy Museum

11 thousand toys are exhibited in the museum in Kepez. It was built by Kepez Municipality. Toys are exhibited in the corridors and 15 halls of the museum, which has a very large garden. Toys are grouped by theme. These groups are exhibited in 74 showcases.

Alanya Archeology Museum

The Archeology museum in Alanya was opened to visitors in 1967. The works found in the excavations in the region were first stored here and then turned into a museum and started to serve the public.

Marine Biology Museum

The Marine Biology Museum is right next to the Toy Museum in Kaleiçi. Opened in 2014, the museum is designed as a sunken pirate ship. Dr. Sea creatures created by Elif Özgür Özbek as a result of her many years of work are on display. In addition, endangered and protected sea creatures are exhibited in the museum, where photography exhibitions are also held. While informing about different types of sharks, sponges, corals, starfish and some endemic species, there are also examples of sea creatures dried and stored in solutions.

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