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bodrum bays 2023

Bodrum Bays 2023

Bodrum… The pearl of the Aegean with its beautiful Bodrum bays, peaceful harmony of blue and green, white houses, nature like a piece of heaven…

Let’s start with the strings of Halikarnas Balıkcisi;

”When you get to the slope, you will see Bodrum,

I guess you will go as you came,

So were the ones before you,

They left their minds in Bodrum. ”

What a beautiful poet told Bodrum. Indeed, Bodrum, which welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, leaves unforgettable beauties in memories.

Bodrum is the center of nature, history, culture and entertainment. The first thing to do in Bodrum is to take a tour to paradise wonders of nature by boat. In this article, we will take a tour with you in the magnificent Bodrum Bays.

bodrum bays 2020 tours price and details
bodrum bays 2023 tours price and details

Yalıciftlik Bay

It is one of the calmest bays of Bodrum. Since it is not fully opened to the construction, it looks like a paradise surrounded by pine forests. Despite the wind, the sea is clean and calm. It is one of the ideal bays for those who want to go to Bodrum and have a calm and peaceful holiday.

Gumbet Bay

Gumbet is located in the south of Bodrum Peninsula and is 3 km from the center. The sea is generally calm and wave-free. It is surrounded by white Bodrum houses. It has a very large and longer than 1 km beach.

The most vibrant night life in Bodrum Bays is Gumbet. It is always possible to come across famous figures in night clubs. The highly lively bars street is very crowded, especially on summer evenings.

There are many camping sites and sports facilities on the beach of Gumbet. The sea and the beach are magnificent. There are boutique hotels, motels and hostels to stay in Gumbet.

Bitez Bay

It is one of the centers where surfing is done in Bodrum Bays. The half-moon shaped bay is famous for its tangerine trees. It is one of the most popular coves with its fish restaurants, magnificent nature and clear water on the beach. Cokertme Turkusu appeared here.

Bardakci Bay

The most important feature of the sheep is that it is a source of drinking water. The nymph is the center of the Salmakis legend. It is one of the paradise bays with its crystal clear sea, cliffs and magnificent view of green nature. It can be reached by boats from Bodrum Marina. Because Zeki Muren lived here for many years, it is also called Zeki Muren Bay.

Ortakent Yahsi Bay

Surrounded by the tangerine gardens, Ortakent Yahsi Bay is one of the most popular bays of Bodrum. The sea is clean, shining brightly. In addition to its fascinating atmosphere, it is the longest bay chosen by tourists with its blue flag beaches. Bodrum center is 12 km away. It is the bay where water sports facilities are dense. Surfing and diving trainings are provided. The only disadvantage of Ortakent Yahşi Bay is that it is very crowded in the summer. We recommend you to go in autumn and spring.

Bagla Bay

It is one of the most calm among Bodrum Bays. The center of Bodrum is 14 km away. Those who come to Bodrum to camp more often prefer this bay. It is a haunt for those seeking peace because there is not much building. It has a fascinating combination of lush nature with blue even turquoise color that the sea can take.

Karaincir Bay

It is one of the least known bays. The sea looks more like a lake and is cool. Karaincir Bay, with its magnificent view, is full of beauties worth seeing. It impresses tourists who come with its peaceful beaches.

Aspat Bay

Aspat Bay, which comes just after Karaincir Bay, is like a tropical island. It is an ideal holiday bay for those who seek both peace, activity and magnificent nature. It indicates that the crowd will replace calmness with the increase in the construction in recent years.

Akyarlar Bay

Akyarlar Bay is one of the most popular bays of Bodrum. Its magnificent air does not overwhelm even in the summer heat, its sparkling sea is cool but not cold. The only drawback is that it is very crowded in the summer. The months of April and May are ideal for those who want to come in a more peaceful time. Especially Akcabuk, Meteor Beach and Fener Beach are places to see and swim.

Turgutreis Bay

Turgutreis, located in the western part of Bodrum Peninsula, is one of the important tourism centers. It has fascinating views against Kos Island and fourteen islands. Turgutreis, one of the surfing spots, is famous for the magnificence of the sunset. It is not possible to come here and watch the sunset.

bodrum bays 2023 tours price and details
bodrum bays 2023 tours price and details

Gumusluk Bay

The ancient city of Myndos in its ancient times… Gumusluk Bay, which we reached after Turgutreis, is a small, charming village, and the beach part is like a piece of paradise lined with magnificent beaches. There are houses, markets and shops in the village. Especially in shops where art lovers will have a very good time, items such as sculpture, painting and jewelry are sold. The beach is narrow, but the sea and sand are great. It is possible to come across jewelry shops and artists’ workshops on the beach.

Paradise Bay

It is one of the bays named after its beauty and nature. It is an important bay with a magnificent nature view where the green shimmering sea and the wild sprinkle of green blend. One of the best things about it is that there is not much building, let’s hope it always stays like this. The sea is always calm and clear, and its air is simply perfect with its gentle breeze coming from pine forests.

Gokturkbuku Bay

We can say that it is the most famous bay of Bodrum. There are not many facilities in Gokturkbuku paradise bay, which ensures that the beauty of the bay is not spoiled. You can enjoy the peace by spreading your towels by going to the beaches with wonderful sea and sand.

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