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Cappadocia Photo Shoot

The first activity that comes to mind is Cappadocia Flying Balloons. It is possible to enjoy a perfect Cappadocia view by taking a balloon tour in the morning and dawn. Balloon is one of the most demanding and demanding activities for Cappadocia photo shoot. Photographs with balloons in the background, both on the balloon tour and on the ground, are taken by professional photographers.

Cappadocia, natural beauty, underground cities, from the tuff layer formed by the lava of the volcano, caused by the wear fairy chimneys and valleys with Turkey is one of the most interesting tourist region. Many local and foreign tourists flock to Cappadocia and prefer Cappadocia photography to immortalize this enchanted atmosphere.

Fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, which has hosted many civilizations, have been preserved until today. There are thousands of fairy chimneys that are used as houses, monasteries, churches and shelters. Fairy chimneys are the most popular place for cappadocia photography.

Cappadocia has a wide geography. It is a very large area spread over Nevsehir, Nigde, Aksaray and Kayseri. There are unique valleys in the region such as epic Love Valley, Red Valley, Kiliclar and Zemi Valley. These valleys are incredibly beautiful for cappadocia photography. The Red Valley takes on a magnificent redness at sunset and creates a magical atmosphere. Tourists usually take photos while riding horses in these valleys or with classic convertible cars. In addition, they take the Jeep safari tour and take pictures.

Cappadocia can be reached from either Nevsehir Airport or Kayseri Airports. There is a VIP transfer service from the airport. Cappadocia is reached in 1 hour from Kayseri and 45 minutes from Nevsehir by Mercedes Vito vehicles with a private driver.

There are daily or two-day weekend tours to Cappadocia. Especially newly married couples prefer Cappadocia for both honeymoon and Cappadocia photo shoot.

cappadocia photo shoot
cappadocia photo shoot

Cappadocia Professional Photo Shoot

Photographs are taken especially in the departure areas of the balloons. Flying balloons do not fly from a single point but from different land and flight areas in the Cappadocia region. To watch this magnificent feast and to take a picture of Cappadocia, tour guests close to daylight are taken from their hotels and taken to the departure areas of the balloons by special vehicles. These sunrise tours experience a visual feast that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Colorful balloons floating in the sky and the amazing view created by daylight should definitely be immortalized with photography. The photos are taken by professional photographers while taking off with balloons.

Cappadocia is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists with its unique natural geography, beautiful valleys, magnificent fairy chimneys. So much so that couples who come to marry come to Cappadocia just to take a photo and have a special album. Many professional photographers work by appointment in Cappadocia and take amazing Cappadocia photos. They take professional cappadocia photo shoot while riding the region with horse riding, using classic vehicles, balloon flying, jeep safari tour, Atv tour.

Cappadocia is a very suitable region especially for outdoor shooting. There are many alternative venues. Shooting begins in the region, where sunrise and sunset have a different beauty. Professional photographers who take photos know very well at what time of the day and at what point of the region. Therefore, capturing a Cappadocia photo with professional photographers means having an excellent album or video clip.

The air, scenery, and historical past of Cappadocia, this day, adds vitality and excitement to the photos.

cappadocia photo shoot
cappadocia photo shoot

Outdoors for Cappadocia photo shoot:

  • Girls-Boys Monastery, Elmalı Church, Snake Church, Carikli Church, Dark Church, St. Barbara and St. Basil Churches and Tokali Church are the places preferred by photographers with their magnificent structures and frescoes.
  • With its magnificent vegetation, pigeon nests and waterfall flowing 15 meters high, Guvercinlik Valley is an ideal place for Cappadocia photography.
  • Love Valley is one of the romantic Cappadocia photo shoot places of honeymoon couples.
  • One of the important places where Cappadocia photo was taken is Goreme Panorama point. It is possible to take spectacular photos with a red sky dominating by taking a panoramic view of Cappadocia, especially at sunset.
  • Avanos, with its stone houses, workshops and fairy chimneys in different silhouettes, is one of the preferred places for Cappadocia photography.

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