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China Furniture Fair (CIFF)

China Furniture Fair (CIFF)

The China Furniture Fair (CIFF), which is one of the biggest fairs of the furniture industry and has a global participation, is a fair that it has attended intensely personally and institutionally from our country.

Fairs are very important for bilateral trade relations such as purchasing, marketing and development. The fairs that bring the buyers and sellers together are as important for the awareness of the consumers about the products and for the recognition of the product, for the development of them within the companies. Since fairs are held in certain countries, cities and regions within certain time periods, they contribute greatly to the country’s economy in terms of tourism.
The benefit of fairs is beneficial not only for the country that organizes the fair but also for all other countries. It creates collaboration opportunities in many areas such as joint production opportunities and intermediate supply, as well as the supply of products needed.
The furniture industry is one of the sectors that take advantage of these advantages created by fairs at an advanced level.
Fairs held in China as well as European countries such as Italy and France constitute the most important meeting points of the sector.

The China Furniture Fair (CIFF) opens every week in the 3rd week of March in Guangzhou, China.

The CIFF International Furniture Fair, which will be held in Guangzhou, China on March 18-21, is important to share information and communication on raw materials, intermediate goods, design, production and services that bring both the buyer and the seller together.
These activities, which are carried out over a certain period of time, are important activities both in terms of awareness of the consumer and recognition of products / services, as well as faster development and pioneering in sectoral events for companies. In addition to purchasing not only the final products, the participants of our country also discuss the possibilities for the promotion and cooperation of our own products and collaboration. They provide serious benefits in finding new markets to our current potential in terms of both design and production. The China Furniture Fair (CIFF) is the meeting point not only with Chinese manufacturers but also with other players of the industry worldwide. In this respect, China Furniture Fair (CIFF) is considered as one of the most important fairs of the furniture industry globally, not as a regional fair.

China Furniture Fair (CIFF)
China Furniture Fair (CIFF)

China Furniture Fair (CIFF) is a fair event held every time. This fair, which was first organized by China Import and Export Fair in 1998, is organized every year in 2 different cities and in 2 different cities. The spring term fair is held in Guangzhou, the autumn fair is held in Shanghai. Under the general title of China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) furniture, decoration, architecture, interior architecture and lighting, with its original name, home furniture, home textile products, outdoor furniture, office furniture, commercial furniture, urban furniture, hotel furniture, furniture machines, is a globally important exhibition organization that brings together the industry in matters such as assembly elements, raw materials used in production and packaging.
The China Furniture Fair (CIFF) is not the largest but only largest fair in the furniture industry in China.

Another fair that appeals to the furniture industry, Kitchen & Bath China held in June:

The Kitchen and Bathroom Fair is held annually in the city of Shanghai.
Ciff Sangay Interzum Furniture Machinery, which was also established in Shanghai in August, opens on Furniture Production Raw Materials.
Houseware Fair HKTDC (Furniture Home-Accessories Fair) in Hong Kong city of China, which has a separate status and has separate visa conditions, is another important fair organization in the region.
One of the defining features of fairs is that they are held between certain dates every year. The entire sector knows these dates and during these dates a significant travel concentration occurs in the fair city. During these periods, which we can think of as a kind of business tourism activity, there may be difficulties in terms of transportation and accommodation due to intense demand. Therefore, exhibitors need travel companies, agencies and organizations that specialize in fairs. Getting the necessary visas from the very beginning, transportation, eating, accommodation, arranging and guiding services for special events in the fair provides great convenience to the participants. These logical requirements have led to the creation of a specialized tourism area, such as fair tourism, and these specialized companies provide great support to the participants.
2020 was a bad year for all fairs due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Like many fairs, China Furniture Fair (CIFF) Guangzhou (spring fair) has been canceled for this year. China Furniture Fair (CIFF) Shanghai (autumn fair) remains uncertain. Turkey to compensate for this situation, though on a smaller and regional research with the ability to organize the exhibition and are prepared to step up their furniture.