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galata tower

Galata Tower Istanbul Visit

Galata Tower Istanbul Visit – The Galata Tower Istanbul is located on the European bank in the GALATA district which today is a district of the BEYOGLU district north of the Golden Horn, close to ISTIKLAL street

It belongs to the Istanbul city hall, for which the museum card is not accepted.

The history of Galata Tower Istanbul 

This observation tower was built by the Genoese in 1348, it was intended to monitor the commercial fleets.

It also bears the name of CHRISTEA TURRIS (tour du christ).

In 1453 Sultan MEHMET II made an observation post from the top of the tower to report fires.

Under Suleiman the Magnificent the tower served as a prison and then as an astrological observation tower on MURAT III. Between 1964 and 1967, major renovations were carried out, including the creation of a restaurant and a performance hall on the top floor.

In 1632 to the 17th century under the reign of MURAT IV, a man named HEZARFEN AHMED ÇELEBI soared from the Galata Tower in Istanbul and hovered to the Asian shore with wings that had made him himself. This event created a great sensation in the empire.

MURAT IV wanted to reward him, but the religious leaders and the palace advisers made him change his mind and HEZARFEN was exiled in what is today Algeria, where he died at the age of 31.

The architecture of the Galata Tower in Istanbul

This tower has 9 floors which makes it a beautiful, slender lady of 66.9 meters which made it the tallest building in the city during the Ottoman Empire period.

Its silhouette is 16.45 meters in diameter at the base and 8.95 meters inside, its walls are 3.75 meters thick. At the entrance two elevators invite you to go up to the 7. floor (it is not possible to access it otherwise).

The visit will be on foot for the last two floors, arriving at the top will be great your amazement and your pleasure to be able to contemplate the splendors of the city as a whole.

galata tower
galata tower

Address of the Galata Tower Istanbul Visit


Phone: 0212 293 81 80

The opening hours of the Galata Tower Istanbul Visit

Open all year from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Entrance single price: 25 TL

How to go to the Galata Tower in Istanbul from the Asian side?

Take the boat towards KARAKOY

From the KARAKOY pier you can walk there for about 15 minutes or take the TUNEL (underground tram which is 1 station) and from the 5 minute walk.

Take the time to stroll through the alleys not far from there, and to appreciate Turkish art; many creators, stylists, painters, restorers, inventors have taken place in the district of BEYOGLU, which is a very pleasant and entertaining place.

Pensions, apartment rentals have emerged there, it is a beautiful location to stay in ISTANBUL.