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SALT Museum in Istanbul

SALT Museum in Istanbul

Get into the Ottoman banking secrecy by visiting the SALT Museum in Istanbul that is also open as a library. Located near the Galata Bridge, in the splendid bank street, very studious young and old alike are studying hard. The place possesses a magnificent setting, free services for all are being offered.

It is a well-stocked library in different fields, you can even find sources in foreign languages, as well as an outstanding computer system, worktables with huge cushions in the shape of balls to rest your little feet. Everything is united to study in very good conditions! Together with a cafeteria, auditorium, archives, etc…

A restful silence directs you to a temporary exhibition hall with a free entry, to discover new talents or artists whose reputation is well established.

Also, and above all the museum retracing the history of the bank during the Ottoman Empire. A gem of exhibition that will give you chills, everything is exposed there: old notes, check books, contracts… the whole banking world is under magnifying glass!

In the trunks of the SALT museum in Istanbul, you will discover pictures of former account owners: sultans, pashas, ​​strangers… in a few minutes you will experience a return to the past, rather impressive.

Most of the documents are in French or Turkish with Arabic characters. Come and discover the relational history between the Ottoman and French bank!

salt Museum in Istanbul
salt Museum in Istanbul

How to get to the SALT Museum in Istanbul?

From the Karakoy pier, near the Galata Bridge, walk to Sokak Bankalar (Bank Streets)

OTTOMAN BANK MUSEUM: the entrance will be on the left sidewalk, it is written “SALT” in large letters and guards are standing at the front.

Osmanlı Bankası Müzesi – Salt Galata

Address: SALT Galata, Bankalar Caddesi 11, Karaköy, Beyoğlu

Phone: (212) 334 22 00

Website: Osmanlı Bankası Müzesi

Business hours: From Tuesday to Saturday 12.00 AM – 20.00 PM, Sunday 12.00 AM -18.00 PM.

Closed on Monday


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