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turkish tea

The Turkish Tea, a Tradition in Turkey

Turkish tea in Turkey called “Çay” (pronounced “Tchay”) is a whole philosophy, a pleasure, a tradition, an automatism.

Tea is part of Turkey and its daily life. Wherever you go, you will be offered a tea drink: in a store, at the bank, at school, at the hairdresser… almost everywhere and people will be happy to share it with you. Street vendors on the boats will suggest it while strolling with their steel tray on which the glasses of freshly served tea await buyers for a few cents. Anyway, they do not wait long, being constantly changed and hot. It can be enjoyed in a small, often transparent tea glass, whether decorated or not. Keep in mind that it can make a very nice gift from your trip in Turkey!

Turkish Tea
Turkish Tea

Real Turkish tea is black tea. It can be enjoyed everywhere, anytime, all day long! The Turks drink it in large quantities, very hot in a small glass that scalds the fingers, turning the spoon inside. We hear “klik klik” a long and good time, before sucking it up with a big “tzuuuuu” to taste it and avoiding burning oneself!

Turkish tea at home is prepared in a “Çaydanlık“, that is to say in a two-story teapot. Each his style, each his teapot.

We put the tea in particles at the top and fill the water below. When it starts to boil, pour boiling water over the particulate tea and let it heat for a long time (10 – 15 minutes). It is served in small tea glasses inquite a special way:pour the tea from the upper teapot then, water from the lower teapot. It needs to be measured according to whether you like strong tea or if you prefer it light, depending if you like it strong or not. Turkish Tea is usually consumed strong.

Turkish tea is sold in stores in large bags under the shape of small particles and different brands.

Most of the tea fields in Turkey are in Rize, in the Black Sea region.


The apple tea that we can propose you in stores has been specially designed for tourists. It is certainly very sweet and tasty but the Turks do not drink this kind of tea, they are very faithful and addicted to black tea.

You will not find mint tea either, it is not a Turkish speciality!

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