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Turkish breakfast

Turkish Breakfasts, a Real philosophy

In all families without exception, turkish breakfast is essential. On the table there are: coffee or tea, fresh bread, poğaca (rollsfilledwith olive or plain cheese), several specialties, such as ham, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, honey, jam, omelette or hard-boiledegg, orange juice, cheese… in otherwords, the morning feast.

Family Turkish Breakfast

For those who do not want to have breakfast at home, there are places specializing in breakfasts at every corner of the street or even super bakeries where it is also possible to drink tea or coffee.

Turkish Breakfast
Turkish Breakfast

Breakfast is holy for Turks

Wewould not miss it for anything in the worldeating a breakfast and reading the newspaper while commenting it out loud with the neighbor in Istanbul.

For this important weekend event in Istanbul, weadd böreks, lavaş bread (swollense same bread), vine leaves, fries (it’s not a joke) and manyotherspecialties.

You will see all the terraces in Istanbul of “KAVALTI” full to crack on Sunday morning. It is the “Lord’s Breakfast” day for the Turks.

The Stambouliotes whowant to get out of the hubbub of the city leave in some what eccentric places such as restaurants in the country side, in the parks, on the edge of the Bosphorus. Nearby, they canals of indgames for children and breathe the fresh air, the Stam bouliotes stays there all day.

If you order a breakfast in Istanbul, ask before what’s in it and if the teais at will (each restaurant in Istanbul has different offers).

In general the prices in restaurants in Istanbul vary between 40 tl and 200 tl, it is unexpensive and well stocked. Depending on the location, it can be more expensive because it is more varied or of hig her quality.

If yousay the magicword:’SERPME KAHVALTI »(the most expensive breakfast in Istanbul), you will be served between 15 and 20 varieties of different products (this can be several varieties of olives, cheeses and other in gredients…)

Breakfast in hotels for travelers in Istanbul, is being in spired by Turkish breakfast, with European features such as pig for example, hot chocolate, corn flakes, croissants etc…

So that the client is not tood is oriented. After all,it is above all the customer’ schoice.

In TURKEY, breakfast canbeserved in restaurants all day, thereis no time for eating. It isoftenfollowed bya « mangal »- barbecue grills especially on Sundays.

Do not saythat the Turkish people eat all the time, a lot, at all hours, that would be lying ?

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