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turkish coffee

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee is registered at the UNESCO intangible heritage. It is definitely not a drink for wimps, this coffee can wake up a dead man!

Turks are fond of this drink, drink it all the time, its reputation has exceeded the borders of the country long time ago.

We drink it boiling, sucking so as not to swallow the grounds, which will be used later for the fortune telling.

How to prepare a Turkish Coffee

Making this coffee follows a whole protocol: it is prepared in a small copper pan called “cezve” “djezvé” in French).

Firstly, it is necessary to pour the ground Turkish coffee into cold water and bring to boil. It must be removed when the coffee is foaming. Repeat the exercise three times, on embers for the most traditional of us.

It is used in small cups, very often decorated with Ottoman motifs, accompanied by a small Turkish delight or a chocolate coffee bean and a glass of water to soften the taste and make everything go trough.

Nowadays electrical systems of Turkish coffee exist, for the new generations it appears more practical.

You will generally find it at the price of between 5 TL and 20 TL depending on whether it is a restaurant, a cafe or even a shop. Plain or sweet, you should precise before preparation, after it’s too late!

After tasting, it is customary to place your saucer on your cup, tilting it towards you, while thinking very hard about what we want to know. Wait for the cup to cool, your future is within reach!

Turkish Coffee
Turkish Coffee

Fortunetelling : the future inside of your cup

Turkish coffee fortunetelling : divination of the future in coffee grounds or in other words the art of reading in coffee grounds. It is the art of reading the future, the past, the present and the deep self of the coffee drinker.

It’s one of the most widely used divination methods, simple because you can simply just use fine ground coffee and a cup of coffee.

An ancient method dating from the Thousand and One Nights helped each curious being to uncover the mysteries of life, good and evil, very difficult to pierce, through the traces left by the coffee grounds on the walls of the cups containing the divine drink.

The Turkish preparation was the mode of preparation which allowed this divination. Indeed the presence of coffee grounds left in the bottom of the cup, after its tasting, made it possible by inverting the cup using the saucer. Therefore, the marc flows on the walls and leaves messages through the appearing drawings, after a few minutes after drying of the cup.

The soothsayer or other person wishing to know his future, could then interpret various signs, drawings of animals or other forms.

The popularity of this technique comes from the fact that it is accessible to everyone. It lets our sensitivity, our imagination interpret irregular images, schematized and drawn in random ways.

When the Turkish coffee is being drunk, we put the saucer on the cup like a lid and turn the whole thing over. Then wait a few minutes before removing the cup. The cup is lifted and placed (still in the inverted position) on a white towel. Then turn the cup over to find the symbols that appear at the bottom and around the sides of the cup.

Depending on the signs or designs formed (crosses, lines, faces, animals, we visualize the past, the unfolding, the events of the present and the future.

These symbol signs, these images, have always intrigued scientists and more particularly psychoanalysts.

Men have always applied themselves to the explanation of dreams, signs that destiny addressed to them. Knowledge of the soul, collective representation of our civilization, anticipation of our decisions, of our future acts, any dream, any symbol sign is a living process that the ancients used to know the future.

This divination can be very convivial because one can advise and perceive the deep self of the one who has drunk.

It is also an opportunity for chatter and constructive divinatory and psychological exchanges between the consultant and the consultant.

The symbolism will combine with intuition in order to succeed in drawing omens from all these signs.

In order to best succeed in identifying the past, present, future of the consultant, and to better help him find his way, talents of listening, empathy and intuition will be necessary for those who will have to decipher the mug.

Interpretations of some signs or symbols in Turkish coffee

Once the coffee is drunk and the cup is dry, turn it over and start to watch the signs carefully.

Your mug is a fragment of time that you are given to understand, that you are allowed to reflect on. Not everything can be bad, just as everything cannot be good either.

Obstacles, once recognized, become obvious and should not let you forget that you can act on them.

When you start to decrypt your cup you will see solid black figures, a bit like shadow puppets, these are the ones I use for divination, because you will also see drawings appear in white which are more secondary and correspond to the past.

Interpretations of geometric signs:

Horizontal lines, streaks: Blockages

Parallel lines (from the bottom to the edge of the cup) or chimneys: Travel

Bubbles: Financial returns

Black cross: Death white cross: Protection of a deceased.

Interpretation of animals:

Snail: Moving

Bird: New

Duck: Financial receipts

Stork: Birth

Dove: Sentimental encounter

Eagle: Message of triumph

Dog: Loyalty

Cat: Betrayal

Snake: Diseases

Interpretation of objects:

Scissors: Breaking

Boat: Journey by sea or sea crossing

Plane: Air travel

Ring: Wedding

Bouquet of flowers: Making a wish

Horseshoe: Financial luck

Heart: Romantic encounter

White heart: Past love

This is just a sample of the signs that can be seen in the coffee grounds.

From the book: The art of reading from Sylvie Cariou.

Strong Like a Turkish coffee!

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