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Besiktas District in Istanbul

Besiktas District in Istanbul

The Besiktas District in Istanbul is located on the European side, very close to the pier on the most famous pedestrian shopping streets.

Young, lively, dynamic, the Besiktas district in Istanbul is frequented both by the local fond of sports madness, as well by the tourist curious to discover the place where the demonstrations of 2013 started, or even young people wanting to share a beer with friends.

There are many styles and differences, the cosmopolitan spirit that emerges makes this place a place where it is good to go out at night to spend a nice time. Everything is ready, the many restaurants, snacks, pubs, sports cafe, shops, covered market… for a successful evening in the Besiktas District of Istanbul!

Besiktas Vodafone Arena (elected in 2018 as the 2nd most beautiful stadium in the world) being close to culinary and shopping attractions, each match, a group of pacifist sports supporters come together to honor the services of their beloved Besiktas team.

The anthem is heard in echoes in the euphoric atmosphere of the delirious crowd through the smallest alleys: men, women, children, young people, old everyone goes there willingly wearing scarf, t-shirt, banner, flag with the effigy of the team that makes them come and have fun all together.

It is not uncommon to find a photographic cultural activity in the open air of local or foreign artists, exhibiting their works to passers-by. They also question people on a very specific political, religious, humanitarian subject… we can travel for the duration of an exhibition for opening our minds and souls!

The Besiktas district in Istanbul is also a strategic location for going by bus, minibus, or even dolmus to the districts of Örtaköy, Bebek, Sariyer, Taksim, Levent and by boat to Üsküdar, Kadiköy and the Princes’ Islands.

The Besiktas district of Istanbul breathes tolerance, freedom of expression and fun. Besiktas is a district among a thousand others, to discover in the evening preferably to better soak up this positive energy of a city in turmoil.

Besiktas District in Istanbul
Besiktas District in Istanbul

What to do in the Besiktas district of Istanbul

– Have a drink

– Rest

– Take part in a match at Vodafone Arena

– Find yourself in a sports cafe during a match to see it on screen or television

– Visit the park of Yildiz

– Stroll through the shopping streets

– Go on foot to Ortaköy

– Visit the Palace of Dolmabahçe

– Go to the Princes’ Islands

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