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Zorlu Center Istanbul
Zorlu Center Istanbul: multifaceted place, an alliance between commerce, work, art and housing. It is one of the most prestigious malls in Istanbul.
Yildiz Palace Istanbul: in a hidden place, perched in the heights of Istanbul, after crossing beautiful landscapes and wooden bridges stands the Palace.
Istanbul is a city with a temperate climate with cold, wet winters. Generally, it snows for at least a week in Istanbul. Summers are hot. Click for more
Uskudar District Istanbul reflects the diversity and history of Istanbul. A true mixture of the two banks, the two rivalries and two realities of the city.
Turkish Currency, the Lira: look at the exchange rate at the time of your trip, the real value is changing as the time! 1 euro = around 7.5 TL
Turkish Delights: discovered over 230 years ago thanks to the Sultan's cooks. Actually, Sultan Abdulhamid's desire was to satisfy all his mistresses.
Turkish Coffee: registered at the UNESCO intangible heritage. It is definitely not a drink for wimps, this coffee can wake up a dead man!
Topkapi Palace Istanbul: located on the European side in the center of the old Constantinople, near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Click for more
The Turkish Simit:  the essential sesame bun to eat all day! Sold on the streets by small merchant trailers, pastries, bakeries. A must-eat snack
Istanbul Aquarium: one of the largest aquariums in the world, located 5 km far from the old Ataturk International Airport. A nice familial activity
Galata Bridge Istanbul: one of the busiest places in Istanbul. It is regularly frequented by fishers who come in all weathers, day and night!
This is why Alltourstoturkey Istanbul has gathered for you some information, a small selection of restaurants in Istanbul with varied specialties in order
Top 10 sights to the history of Istanbul, built in different periods: 10 monuments that create the exceptional beauty of Istanbul. Here is the list!