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Fethiye Places to Visit

Fethiye Places to Visit

Due to the large number of accommodation facilities, beautiful bays and valleys, advanced yacht tourism, Fethiye, which is at the center of the West Lycian Region trips, offers unique options for vacationers in terms of places to visit. You can make your holiday in the touristic district of Mugla province enjoyable by visiting the places we have prepared for you.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Oludeniz

When you set off towards Oludeniz, your eyes will plunge into the most beautiful shades of green, and you will want this road to never end. But if the deep blue Oludeniz appeared at the end of the road, you can even coin yourself to swim in the sea.

Butterfly Valley

One of Turkey’s hidden paradise. The bay, which you can reach by boat from Oludeniz, has a clear and beautiful sea that you have never seen before. Waterfalls, colorful butterflies, bungalow houses, tents and endless peace. More information in our Butterfly Valley article.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Kabak Bay

We are on our list of places to visit in Fethiye, a kind of twin of the Butterfly Valley and its close neighbor Kabak Bay. It is very difficult to get here and it is in tree houses and tents in residential camps. Once you come here, your holiday understanding may change radically. More information in our Kabak Bay article.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Saklikent Canyon

Fethiye Places to Visit – Saklikent Canyon
Fethiye Places to Visit – Saklikent Canyon

Deep canyon opened by rain and snow waters flowing for thousands of years. Walking on the hiking trail, which is located on the waterway flowing through the waterfall in the spring, can be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Also, if you go, do not return here without eating trout. More information is in our article about Saklikent Canyon.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Calis Beach

Although it is a very crowded beach, it is a clean sea and one of the places that offer as much entertainment as possible. If you want to mingle with the crowd and enjoy the sea, your first choice may be Calis Beach.

Fethiye Places to Visit – 12 Islands

As it can be understood from its name, 12 Islands, which are made up of small islets, correspond to the western part of the Gulf of Fethiye. Since it can only be reached by sea, it is extremely virgin and has a very unique beauty. If you travel around with a tour, you will not only expect a unique nature and a clear sea. You can swim among the flooded ruins, visit ancient cities and have a delicious fish feast on your trip.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Belcekiz Beach

The name of the Belcekiz beach in Oludeniz is based on an ancient legend. It is one of the beautiful beaches in Oludeniz to enter the sea. More information Belcekiz Beach is in our article.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Daily Cove

Daily Bay, which is a wonderful bay in the trees, is a great place for you to enjoy the cool waters in an environment intertwined with nature on your Fethiye trips.You can have a picnic and sunbathe in the hammocks.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Kayakoy

Kayakoy, which is a kind of open air museum with its settlement style, architecture and impressive streets, is an invaluable residential area for every detail such as Mardin. However, the difference from Mardin is that some of them have been completely abandoned and have a ghost city appearance.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Tlos Ancient City

Tlos Ancient City, which is spread over a very large area, is located within the borders of Yaka Village, 42 kilometers east of Fethiye.

You can see the acropolis, basilica, big bath, Kronos Temple, stadium, theater, Girmeler Cave as well as long walks and excavations in the ancient city, which is considered as one of the most important settlements of the Lycian Region.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Letoon Ancient City

The ancient city, which was taken to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988 and which was believed to be pregnant from Zeus, is located on the 65th kilometer of the Fethiye-Kas highway.

The Ruins of Leto, Artemis, Apollo Temples, monasteries, fountains and Roman theater in the city, which dates back to the 7th century BC, await visitors of history. You can use the recreation area at the entrance of the ancient city for recreation and picnic.

Telmessos Ancient City

The Telmessos Ancient city, the first settlement in the district, takes it’s name from Telmessos, the son of the god Apollo. It is the only settlement in the region that has hosted many cultures in history and has been in the region since the day it was founded, and few of the ruins of the ancient period have survived to date.

The rock tombs in the south of modern Fethiye, sarcophagus tombs in the district center and the theater ruins that were discovered as a result of excavations shed light on the ancient period of the city.

Dalyan King Tombs

Due to its magnificent view, Dalyan King’s Tombs, which are included in the list of places to visit in Fethiye, are easily accessible from the sea and land.

The rock tombs at the entrance of the ancient city, also called Kbid and Kaunos, inform its visitors about the richness and traditions of the period with their different architectural features. Thanks to the regional lighting system, it offers photographers pleasant frames in the evening hours.

Patara Ancient City

The ancient city, believed to be founded by the nymph Lykia, is located on the Fethiye-Antalya highway. Patara, which was the capital of Lycian Civilization in ancient times, fascinates its visitors with its unique beach and breathtaking views.

Patara Ancient City, which has not lost it’s importance throughout the history, is waiting for holidaymakers who love history, especially the Roman ruins, the basilica and the theater.

Fethiye Museum

Fethiye Museum, which you can enter for free with the museum card, is located in the city center. The items that give information about the ancient life, especially the sculptures, and the artifacts found in the excavations in the ancient cities in the surrounding area of ​​the museum and its garden are exhibited.

The museum, which is open 7 days a week, can be visited between 08:30AM and 19:00PM.

Ships (St. Nicholas) Island

The island, which is 1 kilometer in length and 400 meters in width, is 9 kilometers away from Fethiye. Gemile Island, formerly known as Aya Nikola, is home to historical artifacts from the early Christian and Byzantine periods between the 5th and 11th centuries.

The summit, which can be reached after a short walk of the island, where houses and churches are carved into the rock due to it’s rocky structure, welcomes its visitors with its unique view.

Fethiye Places to Visit – Gizlikent Waterfall

Gizlikent Waterfall, which you can reach with the minibuses departing from Fethiye between 08.00AM-20.00PM, 20 minutes apart, is the only natural waterfall of the region and lies about 500 meters behind Saklikent. Trekking, safari, rafting organizations are organized around the waterfall, which has a 250-meter canyon that will cool you even on the hottest summer days.

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