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Cesme Things To Do

Cesme Things To Do

Cesme is a district of Izmir Province, which is flooded by local and foreign tourists every year, and is rich for heritage as well as sea and sun respectively. It became the most important port of the Aegean Sea. The fountain is made up of fountains whose name is more beautiful than the other, where the ice-cold waters flow. Fountain history is important. Throughout history, it has made the necessary civilization and culture in your home. It is opened as the pier of the Ionian city Erythrai Ancient City. The Lydians, the Persians, the Kingdom of Pergamon, the Roman State, the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires respectively have provisions in Cesme. Its historical wealth has been since its multicultural past. Cesme, both it’s historical structures, the sea and the sun, and it’s activites and nightlife is very rich as in Cesme things to do. In addition to fountains, historical buildings, there are hot springs, beaches, bays, bazaar and streets. Now let’s examine it one by one.

Cesme things to do – Cesme Castle

Cesme Castle is built in 1508. The castle, built during the Beyazıt period, displays the magnificent architecture of the Ottoman period. You can see the places of Cesme with panoramic view. At the entrance, there is the statue of Captain-i Derya Hasan Pasha is available. Historical artifacts belonging to Erythrai Ancient City are exhibited in the Cesme Museum inside the castle.

Cesme things to do – Erythrai City

Erythrai Ancient City is one of the 12 Ionian cities. During the first excavations between 1963-1966, its historical richness was revealed. The ancient city, which is 26 km away from the center of Cesme, is at the top of the list of Cesme things to do. Athena Temple and theater are the center of attention of tourists with the Acropolis Area. Valuable items unearthed in the excavations are on display at the Cesme Museum. Those are the things in the list of Cesme things to do.

Cesme Things To Do
Cesme Things To Do

Cesme things to do – Alacati

It is not possible to go to Cesme and return without seeing Alacati. Alacati is the most popular tourist attraction in Cesme. The historical stone Greek houses decorated with flowers, garden windows, cobblestone narrow streets, beaches, surfing areas, taverns, coffeehouses and lively nightlife are fascinating. It is on the list of Cesme things to do with its restaurants, stone boutique houses, windmills that taste a thousand kinds of healthy herbs and local delicacies.

Cesme things to do – Germiyan Village

Germiyan Village, 23 km from Cesme, is the only Turkmen settlement in the region. Especially for those who are interested in gastronomy, it is a must see in the list of Cesme things to do. You can find different tastes made from local and organic products in this village. For example, rice ravioli, palm olives, Bazina, Kopanisti cheese and sugar delight in the Turkish delight. Especially for gastronomy enthusiasts, Cesme should be number one in the places to visit and the list of Cesme things to do.

Cesme things to do – Donkey Island

One of the in Cesme things to do is to see Donkey Island. It is not allowed for accommodation as it is under protection. Cesme Boat Tours can be visited daily. It got it’s name from a large number of donkeys. Especially those who are interested in underwater sports should be on the list of places to visit in Cesme, the island attracts the attention of tourists with it’s clean bays.

Cesme things to do – Caravanserai

It is one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture. It was built in 1529 by Suleiman the Magnificent. The building, which is used as a hotel today, has 2 floors and its decorations have survived to the present day with its successful restoration works. In the list of Cesme things to do, tourists are preferred for both accommodation and shopping.

Cesme things to do – Cesme Beaches

Cesme has beautiful beaches with a clear blue sea and sparkling sand. Altinkum Beach, which is 10 minutes away from Cesme, got it’s name from it’s sand in golden color. There are beach clubs on the 500 meters long beach where you can swim and sunbathe. Sea water is colder than other beaches. Ilica Beach is also 3 km long and is ideal for surfing because it’s sea is wavy. It is possible to swim in almost every season since the groundwater is mixed with the sea water. Apart from surfing, there are many centers for diving and other water sports. Since the sea is not very deep, it is necessary to apply to the surrounding hotels for diving and other water sports activities, which can be preferred by families with children. Tourists who come to Cesme for their summer vacation should definitely include these beautiful beaches in Cesme. Aya Yorgi Bay is 1 km from Cesme. It is one of the most popular beaches with its deep blue sea, fine sand and magnificent scenery. Delikli Bay is named after the gap formed on the rock separating Alacati and Ovacik beaches. It is one of the bays that should be on the list of Cesme things to do for vacationers seeking peace. The bay, which is also suitable for camping, has a magnificent beach with its calm blue sea.

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