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Antalya Kemer City 2020

Antalya Kemer City is one of the tourism centers on the outskirts of the Taurus Mountains, stretching along the 52 km coastline. In addition to its historical, cultural richness, the sea, sand, green and natural wonder district had the status of a village until the 80’s. With its discovery, many touristic facilities were built, and over time, it gained the status of a town and then a district.

The historical history of Kemer is known until 690 BC. There are many ancient city ruins around. The ruins show that the city was constantly changing hands. The ruins of Idropolis in the center of Antalya Kemer City prove that it was used as the most important port and trade center.

Antalya Kemer City

B.C. Phaselis Ancient City, which is 15 km away from Antalya Kemer City, was founded in 690 by I.Oleios. 25 km. Ancient city of Olympos, BC. It was founded in the 2nd century. It was dominated by the Romans in 78 BC. Gedelma Castle in the city has survived from the Roman period to the present day.

If we talk about the recent history of Antalya Kemer City, it was conquered by the Turks in the 12th century and became a township in 1968 and a town in 1986.

The name of Kemer, which was in the status of village in 1910, is Old Village. The waters coming from the mountains at that time turned the village into a lake and a swamp, and the residents of the village built a stone wall at the foothills to prevent this situation. It was named Kemer from this wall.

Antalya Kemer City is one of our natural beaches. There are natural wonders and small harbors on the indented coastal shores. With a clean and clean sea, Kemer is like a corner from heaven with its lush forests and mountains.

Antalya Kemer City Beaches are the city center beach, Ayisigi Beach located next to the marina and Phaselis beach within the national park. For those who want to swim, the beach with its sparkling sea, sand and magnificent scenery is also close to ancient cities. Also, safari tours in Kemer attract tourists. Safari tours in high places such as Sogut Cuması, Altinyaka and Derekoy add excitement to the holiday.

Antalya Kemer City – Caves

The most interesting places of Kemer touristic trips are cave formations. Exploring the caves hidden in nature is another pleasure. Beldibi Cave on the Sea Shore is one of the must-see places. It fascinates those who see the historical ruins and the scenery. Another worth seeing cave is the Molla Hole. The cave on the eastern slope of Tahtali Mountain rising to the west of Kemer is reached by a 3-4 hour walk from the villages of Down town Kuzdere or Tekirova. Although it is tiring, it is a very pleasant walking path.

Goynuk Canyon is one of the places visited by local and foreign tourists who come to Kemer. It is the place where nature lovers go with its magnificent nature, trees, waterfalls and pools. It is in Beydaglari Beach National Park.

Kemer Yacht Harbor is one of the ports with a capacity of 320 yachts. It serves yacht tourism with its modern structure. The beaches on both sides of the marina are certified with a Blue flag.

It hosts many events during the spring and summer periods in Antalya Kemer City. Phaselis Art Events, Off-Shore Racing Kemer, Turkey leg of the World Rally Championship (WRC Rally of Turkey), festivals such as Carnival of Kemer is in great demand by tourists and locals alike.

Kemer in Antalya
Kemer in Antalya

Antalya Kemer City – Important places to see near

The ancient city of Olympos is Chimera (Burning Stone) Adrasan, Uc Adalar, Goynuk Canyon, Twin Rocks, Ekopark, Ulupınar and Seljuklu Hunting Mansion.

In the Lycians Period, the ancient name of Kemer is Idryos. important ruins from this region until today;

Chimera (Burning stone)

Chimera Volcano has a fascinating appearance. The flames of the chimera never go out. A short climb is required to see the volcano. We know it’s worth it, although it may seem difficult. The view of chimera and its location is excellent.

The Church

In the center of the basilica plan, there is a nave in the middle, a narthex, a chapel in the south, a baptisterium in the north, and mosaic decorations at the base. Its compatibility with other structures around is remarkable.

The Watchtower

The city has three watchtowers. At the south end of the high hill on the north side of the marina there are two towers surrounded by walls built in the technique of polygapol and a tower in the northeast direction.

Seljuk Hunting Mansion

Seljuklu Hunting Mansion, located in the forest on the Antalya Kumluca highway, was built between 1230 and 1248. It is the only Seljuk structure in the region. The roof of the mansion, Hz. There is a hexagonal star embossed stone staircase on the flag of Solomon and the flag of Tekelioglu Principality. Today, although the entrance door and wall have been demolished, most of the roof and walls are in good condition.

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