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Istanbul Galataport

Istanbul Galataport

Starting from Karakoy Old Passenger Hall, stretching across the warehouses, Port Restaurant, Tophane and Tuesday Market, has now come into service with brand new functions under the name of Istanbul Galataport project. Istanbul Galataport covers 1.2 kilometers of coastline on an area of ​​400 thousand square meters. The construction of the Istanbul Galataport project, which was completed in 2020, started in 1016.

The area, which includes historical buildings such as Tophane Mansion, Tophane Fountain, Tophane Clock Tower, Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque, Nusretiye Mosque, located around Istanbul Galataport, has been turned into an area where it will be located in private venues for cultural art events such as open air exhibitions, art centers and concerts. Design, fashion, culture and art activities can be held in 14000 recreation areas.

Turkey, one of the centers of contemporary art in Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum and the Museum of Modern Art is located in the culture of Istanbul Galataport project still will be used as an art center.

Offering the best shopping opportunities as well as culture and art centers, Istanbul Galataport has started to provide services with its Bosphorus view shops, walkways, eating and drinking places along the coastline. The project, which adds a new dimension to the shopping culture, has 250 stores. Many national and foreign brands took part in the project.

Peninsula Hotel, one of the world’s leading hotel chains, built on a very large area within Istanbul Galataport will host local and foreign tourists and artists. The hotel, designed to increase the tourism potential of Istanbul, has taken its place in the project and includes the Central Inn, Karakoy Passenger Hall, Tiled Inn and an old warehouse area.

Istanbul Galataport
Istanbul Galataport

While the lobby of the hotel is built on Karakoy Passenger Hall, the area where the old warehouse is located is designed for Ballroom and halls where events will be held. The front of this closed area is a guillotine that can be opened quickly and it can be opened at once and open the perfect beauty of the Bosphorus.

Istanbul Galataport, which has both sea and land transportation facilities, also provides convenience to its guests who come with private vehicles with its wide covered parking area. The parking lot has a capacity of 2300 vehicles.

The harbor, which is expected to have 25 million visitors, approximately 7 million tourists and 1.5 million cruise passengers each year; It will have the capacity to host 3 cruise ships at the same time and approximately 15,000 passengers per day.

The cruise terminal and customs area, which has a project implemented for the first time in the world, are designed under the ground floor. The new terminal building, which is 4 times the size of the old terminal, will serve on an area of ​​29 thousand square meters and 16 meters below the water level. The new port is of great importance for the economy of the country in terms of tourism. In addition to passenger entry and exit, baggage operations, customs procedures and passport control, traffic of vehicles such as tour buses, minibuses and taxis is provided underground.

61 cruise ships had booked for 2020 and the first ship was expected to berth in April. However, with the 19 outbreak, Covid was delayed due to a pandemic. 1.5 million cruise ship passengers can be accommodated annually at Istanbul Galataport Port. More than 180 ships are expected to berth for 2021.

In the Istanbul Galataport project, the coast is used not only for ship passengers but also for the public. Temporary customs control areas have been created on the port area with movable covers. In this way, foreign passengers who will enter will be taken to the terminal building and the doors will be removed and the public will be provided.

As seen, Istanbul Galataport, which will contribute not only to Istanbul but also to the economy of the country, has an important value in terms of tourism with its modern architecture and pristine historical texture. The leasable area reserved for the store and catering sector is approximately 52 thousand square meters and the leasable office area is 43 thousand square meters. The target of the Istanbul Galataport project is to make 1.5 million tourists a year and an annual economic contribution of one billion dollars. In addition, the Istanbul Galataport project will be able to employ 5,000 people.

The Istanbul Galataport project, the construction of which has just been completed, provides Istanbul residents with a brand new living space in the natural texture of Karakoy, and ensures that the city reaches where it deserves in terms of cruise tourism.

You can enjoy this amazing atmosphere while watching the Bosphorus, unique in the world, in Istanbul Galataport cafes and restaurants.

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