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Cunda Island 2022

Places to Visit in Cunda Island 2022

Cunda Island 2022 is an island with rich history connected to Ayvalik district of Balikesir province with a bridge. The Greeks reigned on Cunda Island for many years. After the exchange, Muslim Turks from Crete and Mytilene Islands were placed in the houses vacated by the Greeks. The majority of the people still speak and speak Greek and Greek. The Cunda Island, where different cultures prevail, has a unique texture.

In every season of the year, Cunda Island, where many local and foreign tourists come, is very rich in places to visit in Cunda. It is located in Ottoman-style buildings on the island dominated by Greek architecture. The difference of the Greek houses is that their doors and windows are surrounded by block stones. The buildings are built from garlic stone, a volcanic stone. A mortar containing egg whites was used to glue the stones. Greek Houses, which have high durability and durability, have survived until today. We recommend you visit Cunda Greek Restaurants when you

Cunda Island 2022 – Asiklar Hill

In the list of places to visit in Cunda, first of all, it is necessary to mention the Asiklar Hill. The hill with a magnificent view has become the symbol of the island. The first windmill was built on this hill. The windmill, which was restored by Rahmi Koc in 2007, is used as a library and cafe today.

Cunda Island 2022 – Agios Yannis Church

Agios Yannis Church is one of the important historical buildings of Asiklar Hill. Although it has survived to the present day, it has been successfully restored by Rahmi Koc. It has been converted into the Sevim and Necdet Kent Library. In the historical building, the books, the icons and the church belongings about the history of Ayvalik, are exhibited.

Taxiarhis Church

Taksiyarhis Church serves as Rahmi Koc Museum at the today. Built in 1873, the church is located in the area where Muslims and Christians lived together. The building, built in neo classical architecture, is a single-door and basilica type.

Cunda Island 2022 – Patricia

Another must-see place of Cunda Island is Patricia. It is the common name of two ancient Greek villages in the north of the island. The deserted beach is one of the must-see places. Patricia Bay Cunda, whose water is quite clear and magnificent, is an important place in the list of places to visit in Cunda.

Girl School

Cunda Island Girls School was built in 1873. It has been used as a training center for nearly 50 years. Today it is used as a cultural center.

Cunda Island 2022
Cunda Island 2022

Cunda Island 2022 – Agia Triyada Church

Agia Triyada Church has an important place in the list of places to visit in Cunda. It was built in 1858. It is the first church on the island. Garlic Stone, the local stone of the region, was used in it’s construction. Unfortunately, only 3 walls remained intact.

Cunda Island 2022 – Seline Monastery

Selina Monastery is located at the far end of the Patricia Bay, north of Cunda Island. It is thought to have been built in 1780. In the courtyard of the monastery, there is a church built using garlic stone. It was purchased and restored in 2009 by Suzan Sabanci. Also known as the moonlight monastery, the building is on the list of places to visit in Cunda.

Cunda Beach is the most active center of Cunda. The beach known as Mevlana Street is closed to vehicle traffic. It is the most vibrant nightlife. There is the Despot House at the beginning of the beach.

Cunda Island 2022 – Despot House

One of the places to visit in Cunda is this Despot House. Despot is a rank owned by Greek Orthodox clergy. When Greece became a state, Despot, who came to Cunda by receiving the donations of the people with joy, built this structure. When the despot died, the building passed to the Ottomans and was used as a government building. Despot House, which was later used as a primary school and orphanage, is one of the important historical buildings that attract tourists today.

Cunda Island 2022 – Timarhane Island

Those who missed the drink in the past were left to this island. The reason for this was that the island was strong windy. So drunkers would come to them immediately. There is Agia Paraskevi monastery on Timarhane Island. Today the condition of the monastery is neglected and only a part remains.

Cunda Island 2020 – Stone Brown

You cannot go back to Cunda Island without stopping by for a coffee at the seaside and having a coffee. 150 years old Coffee is a Neo classic style stone building. Coffee with stained glass is a high ceiling and a place in which birds fly. Cunda has an important place in the list of places to visit in Cunda.

Cunda Island 2022 – Boat Tours

While talking about places to visit in Cunda, we recommend you to visit the island around with boat tours. You can swim in Yesil Bay and Aquarium Bay by taking a tour with a magnificent view around Pınar Island and Kara Island. Boat tours are made from Cunda Beach. There are both group boats and rental boats.

Also places where you can visit in Cunda to swim Ortunc, Paterica is Cataltepe Beach. It is recommended that you see Devil’s Feast while you are at Ayvalik region. You can use Balikesir Airport to transportation by flight.

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