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Weather Istanbul

Weather Istanbul

Istanbul is a city with a temperate climate with cold, wet winters. Generally, it snows for at least a week in IstanbulSummers are hot – weather Istanbul

Istanbul can be visited in all seasons, whether in the rain, under the snow, the wind or the sun, with scorching heat… the city nevertheless loses its charm and its touristic interest.

It’s up to you to choose your favorite decor in Istanbul.

The weather in Istanbul in January

Cold period, it is necessary to provide a warm coat. Depending on the year, Istanbul puts on its white coat, it’s an opportunity to take splendid photos of Istanbul under the snow. Disruptions in transport occur on snowy days, schools close, to the delight of children!

January in Istanbul is the coldest time of the year, with occasional rainfall.

The weather in February

Cold weather in Istanbul, you should also provide a warm coat. The snow persists according to the years, it is difficult to circulate.

February is not an ideal month to fully enjoy your visit to the city, especially since it rains often. You have to wait for the middle of the day to feel the soft rays of the sun.

The weather in Istanbul in March

Periods with moderate temperatures, the weather in Istanbul slowly begins to warm up in Istanbul, although the temperatures are still cool. The heaters are still in operation in households.

There are more and more sunny days.

As the days go by, the weather in Istanbul improves even if the climate throughout March in Istanbul is still dominated by freshness. Snowfall is exceptional. The temperatures are ideal for visiting the city but also for going for a walk in the surrounding countryside.

The weather in April

“Till April’s dead, change not a thread” is also accurate in Istanbul! It is not yet very hot, but the weather in Istanbul is sunny. Beautiful walks in the parks of Istanbul are in the spotlight.

Temperatures are improving and this is the best time to visit Istanbul, away from summer vacationers. You will have the chance to take advantage of a magnificent weather in Istanbul to spend pleasant moments by strolling in the streets and discovering the wonders of the city.

The weather in Istanbul in May

This is a very pleasant time. Many festivities are organized in the city, such as the tulip festival in all the parks of Istanbul! It is still advisable to provide a small wool sweater for going out at night. May is also associated with the end of school for students.

It is time to take out the t-shirts and short clothes because the month of May is the period of sunny days and favorable for the practice of summer activities.

The weather in June

The temperatures are mild but the heat begins to feel, T-shirts and shorts are required. The terraces are filling up!

The warmth and the beautiful sun combine to make Istanbul an ideal holiday destination. Rainfall is scarce and the days are all more magnificent than each other for superb afternoons.

The weather in Istanbul in July and August

It is a very hot period of up to 45 degrees. Air conditioning is available in almost all hotels and homes in Istanbul. Shopping centers are stormed to cool off.

This is an opportunity to discover the city without traffic jams (well!) Because the Stambouliotes have gone on vacation and are deserting the city.

The days are bright and very sunny, the mornings and afternoons long and heavenly. The early evening is even more magical, with slightly cooler temperatures. All summer activities are possible.

Weather Istanbul
Weather Istanbul

The weather in September

Very pleasant period in Istanbul. The temperatures drop, the month remains warm but bearable. In mid-September, schoolchildren return to Istanbul.

The heat in September remains very comfortable in Istanbul, the rain always rare, as temperatures drop. September is ideal for sightseeing and relaxation, travelers avoid the crowds of tourists in July and August. This is an ideal month for rest and relaxation!

The weather in Istanbul in November

Season with shimmering colors and magnificent landscapes. The temperatures are a little colder in Istanbul but they are pleasant with rain from time to time. Bring boots and a rain coat (Umbrellas sold at every street corner and very inexpensive).

The climate throughout November in Istanbul is still very mild and visiting the city during this period is a good choice for those who want to enjoy a little freshness, just by wearing a few light sweaters. In addition, the physical efforts are not annoying so it is very pleasant to discover the historic corners of the city by going hiking all day.

The weather in December

It gets cold in Istanbul, very cold even, depending on the year. New Years holiday season, what a wonderful winter and Christmas holiday in Istanbul!

The sun is shy and the sky is often cloudy, it is advisable to bring very warm clothes to make the most of your trip to Istanbul.

Snowfall is to be expected so equip yourself accordingly.

Come visit Istanbul all year round and experience the four seasons of this magnificent city