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Yildiz Palace Istanbul

Yildiz Palace Istanbul

In a hidden place, perched in the heights of Istanbul, there is a palace called Yildiz Palace Istanbul.

After crossing the beautiful landscapes and several wooden bridges in Yildiz Park, on which the brides come together to be photographed, we see Yildiz Palace Istanbul open to the public.

Around Yildiz Palace

Bodies of water in which wild ducks dabble and flower sculptures with various themes created by the city’s gardeners, adorn the park on both sides.

Restaurants in Köşk (very beautiful Ottoman wooden houses) welcome you all day for a simple tea or to eat there. A short walk on the somewhat steep slopes will take you to a magnificent place to discover without further delay.

Entrance is 20 TL only with compulsory guidance in English included in the price. A nice visit to do in Istanbul. It only takes a few minutes for someone to tell you that the tour is about to start. A very friendly English-speaking guide, in love with his profession, will transport you in an instant to the time of the Ottoman Empire, explaining you with enthusiasm in broad and small lines, the history of this very beautiful house. French and Italian artists have contributed to the decoration of this place. Senior political leaders from around the world have already been fortunate enough to be able to stay there.

Normally photos are prohibited, but everything will depend on the guide you have. What is certain is that the flash is not authorized and galoshes are compulsory.

History of Yildiz Palace Istanbul

Yildiz Palace Istanbul
Yildiz Palace Istanbul

Yildiz Palace in Istanbul (Yildiz Sarayı) is a collection of buildings from the Ottoman Empire. In particular the pavilions and other villas served as residences for the Sultan and his court at the end of the 19th century.

Yildiz Palace in Istanbul was built in 1880 for the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit Il. It is built on wooded land which has belonged to the private domain of the Sultan since the reign of Ahmet I (1603-1617). Following Ahmet I, several sultans appreciate this place to rest.

At the end of the 19th century, Sultan Abdulhamit left the Domabahçe Palace located on the edge of the Bosphorus because he feared a maritime attack there. He then enlarged the Yildiz Palace Istanbul and commissioned the famous Italian architect, Raimondo D’Aromco, to construct new buildings for the palatal complex. The Yildiz Palace Istanbul then became the fourth seat of the Ottoman government.

The Yildiz Palace Istanbul is made up of several buildings, including the State Apartments (Büyük Mabeyn), the Şale Pavilion, the Malta Pavilion, the Çadır Pavilion, the Yıldız Theater and the Opera House, the Yildiz Palace in Istanbul Museum and the imperial porcelain factory. The palace gardens are open to the public. The Yıldız Palace is connected to the Cirahan Palace located on the Bosphorus by a bridge crossing the garden.

The Sale Pavilion

The Sale pavilion was used as a residence for the sultan. Built in stone and wood, the building has a cellar and two levels.

The Malta Pavilion

Located in the palace park on the north side of the perimeter wall, the Malta pavilion consists of two buildings facing each other, vestiges of the buildings located in the grove making up the rear of the garden of Cirahan Palace, dating from the reign by Abdulaziz. The flag of Malta would take its name from the conquest of the island of Malta.

The Çadır Pavilion

This pavilion, built by Sultan Abdulaziz, served as a prison. It now houses a café and a restaurant.

Imperial porcelain factory

Opened in 1895, the factory was created to satisfy the upper classes who demand European-style ceramics. Cups, vases and other plates are frequently decorated with drawings representing scenes idealizing the Bosphorus. The building resembles a medieval European castle.


Today the park hosts private receptions. Other demonstrations take place, such as the Istanbul antiques fair which is generally held in November in the armory of the palace (Silahhane).

How to reach Yildiz Palace in Istanbul

From the Beşiktaş pier ask for Yıldız Şale. On foot, it’s not very far, you just have to cross the park of the same name before accessing it.

Yildiz Palace in Istanbul opening hours

From April to October: from 9 AM until 19 PM

From November to March from 9 AM à 17 PM

Address: Yıldız Mh., 34349 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

Phone number: (0212) 259 8977