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The Hagia Sophia (or “Hagia Sofia” meaning “divine wisdom” in Greek) is Istanbul‘s flagship monument and a faithful representation of Byzantine architecture. It was built by Emperor Justinian in 532, after 5 years and 10 months of construction and 10,000 artists having put their hands together. The Hagia Sophia – its history and evolution Inspired […]
The monuments in Istanbul not to be missed! AllTourstoTurkey has gathered for you 7 incredible monuments retracing the history of Istanbul and Constantinople, from the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire, stopping at the Byzantine Empire. 7 monuments of different religions from different eras. 1 – Hagia Sophia The Hagia Sophia (or “Hagia Sofia” meaning […]
Who are Turkish folk heroes? A folk hero or a national hero is a type of real, fictional or mythological hero. What makes a character a popular hero is the imprint he leaves by name, personality and actions on the popular consciousness. This presence is evidenced by the mention in folk songs, folk tales and […]
musique folklorique turque
Turkish folk dances: Turkey has a folk dance tradition that dates back many years and varies from region to region. Each dance is colorful, rhythmic, elegant and stylish. Some of the most famous Turkish folk dances can be found: Bar, Halay, Hora, Zeybek, Horon, Kilic Kalkan, Kasik Oyunu. In Turkey, folk dances are performed for […]
Camping in Turkey is quite easy, you can go camping and enjoy a night under the stars, spectacular nature, beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, sunshine and the freedom in a camp. All the conditions are right for you to come and try wild camping in Turkey! Camping can be a great way to explore remote […]
The minibuses in Istanbul or “dolmus” are the most recognizable buses due to their blue, green or white colors. It is a type of public transport which is very frequentely used by locals but little by tourists. However, minibuses can be found in Istanbul in all neighborhoods, even the most remote. The minibus in Istanbul […]
Beykoz Quartier Bosphore
Beykoz is a peaceful little corner of Istanbul, where old 18th and 19th century buildings coexist with modern buildings – Beykoz Bosphorus district. In Roman times, a temple in honor of Poseidon was built and was used to make sacrifices before the sailors set sail At the time of the Ottomans Beykoz was reserved for […]