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Istanbul Restaurants

Istanbul Restaurants – Luxury – Middle – Cheap 2020

Istanbul has a very rich choice in terms of restaurants. There are many restaurants from the unique tastes of the world cuisine to the excellent dishes of the Ottoman palace cuisine, from local tastes to kebab culture. You can find the categories that serve all segments of luxury Istanbul restaurants, central Istanbul restaurants and cheap Istanbul restaurants in this article.

Istanbul is a world city that fascinates everyone with it’s deep-rooted history, cosmopolitan structure, cultural richness and magnificent scenery. It appeals to all segments with its historical places to visit, entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants.

Luxury Istanbul Restaurants

Vogue Istanbul Restaurant
Vogue Istanbul Restaurant

Nusr-Et Restaurant: It is one of the most preferred luxury Istanbul restaurants with it is venue design and delicious special meat dishes. The restaurant in Besiktas has a capacity of 400 people and also provides full bar service.

Leb-i Derya Restaurant: As the name suggests, Leb-i Derya Restaurant is an ideal place for a romantic dinner. It is possible to find the most delicious dishes of the world cuisine and seafood in the restaurant located in Beyoglu.

Vogue Restaurant: The restaurant, which has been serving in Besiktas since 1997, is one of the classics of Istanbul. It is the number one choice of those who prefer luxury food with it’s magnificent view as well as the quality and taste of their meals. It offers special sushi varieties with Mediterranean cuisine, Far Eastern cuisine and selected tastes of world cuisine.

360 Istanbul Restaurant: It brings unique tastes of world cuisine to the table with first class service and presentation accompanied by panoramic views. The elegance of the place offers a nice dinner with its unique Bosphorus view and special cocktails.

Navy Blue Restaurant: It has been serving since 1999 in a magnificent historical mansion in Anadolu Hisari. It is one of the most preferred luxury restaurants for a mid-day or dinner accompanied by a magnificent sea view. It brings the special dishes of the world cuisine to the table with a wonderful presentation.

Maiden’s Tower Restaurant: While watching the sea view of Uskudar, it is one of the choices of those who want to taste delicious international cuisine in an impressive historical place. The interior and exterior design of the place has a very impressive atmosphere.

Papermoon Restaurant: It is possible to taste the unique tastes of Italian cuisine in the restaurant famous for its design and lighting. Papermoon, which has a calm and peaceful atmosphere, also has branches in New York and Milan.

Middle Istanbul Restaurants

Haci Abdullah Restaurant
Haci Abdullah Restaurant

Istanbul restaurants, which carry traditional tastes of high quality to this day, continue but are more modest and serve in the same place for many years, are restaurants preferred by both Istanbul and tourists. Examples we will give to them;

Haci Abdullah Restaurant: Founded in 1888, based on Haji Abdullah, is Turkey’s first proprietary restaurant. It serves on the street of Aga Mosque in Taksim. The restaurant, which offers unique varieties of Ottoman and Turkish dishes to its customers, has always prioritized it’s quality.

Yanyali Fehmi Restaurant: In the restaurant that started to serve in Kadıköy in 1919, it serves Turkish and Ottoman Palace cuisine’s forgotten dishes in a quality and delicious way to its customers. The restaurant has gained a reputation for it is simple and elegant decor, clean and friendly service.

Konyali Restaurant: Established as an artisan restaurant in 1897, the establishment became famous in 1940 and has hosted many local and foreign state elders, kings and queens until today. Today, it continues to offer unique tastes of Ottoman – Turkish Cuisine in the same place.

Ciya Sofrası: Since 1987, it offers it is local flavors to its customers in Kadikoy. It is one of the most frequented places of tourists with its rich food variety. Ciya Sofrasi, which has high prices and relatively high prices, is one of the important points of Istanbul with its pleasant place.

Kanaat Restaurant: It is one of the oldest artisan restaurants. It serves the distinguished dishes of traditional Turkish cuisine to its customers in a quality way. It is one of the places frequented by those who prefer home cooking and grilling.

Cheap Restaurants

Galata Rihtim Koftecisi: The restaurant located in Karakoy is a simple and clean place preferred by tradesmen and students with its delicious meatballs, olive oil dishes and traditional Turkish desserts.

Balkan Restaurant: It is a clean place in Besiktas, preferred by those looking for a suitable restaurant with its traditional home-style menu.

Kadi Restaurant: It is one of the preferred places in Kadikoy, offering delicious home cooking with fairly affordable prices. It is rich in soups, desserts and dishes.

Kofteci Namli Usta: In the restaurant, which is the first choice of students and tradesmen in Balat, besides meatballs, there are also dried beans, soups and desserts.

Hanegah Restaurant: It is an intimate place in Fatih, famous for it’s affordable prices and delicious food. It offers a very rich variety in terms of home cooking.

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