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grand bazaar

Grand Bazaar Istanbul Visit, its history

Grand Bazaar Istanbul indoor market is located in Istanbul on the European side in the old city. It is the largest covered bazaar in the world: 45,000 m2 / 200,000 m2 with the open section 58 streets, 18 doors, 4,000 shops – Grand Bazaar Istanbul Visit

20,000 people work in there speaking all languages: French, English, German, Italian, Russian, etc. Trade has no borders. In a single day, the number of visitors can go up to 500,000 people.

The Grand Bazaar Istanbul dates from 1455, during the period of Sultan Mehmet II just after the conquest of Constantinople in 1453.

The Grand Bazaar Istanbul was considerably enlarged in the 16th century under Suleiman the Magnificent. The oldest part of the Grand Bazaar dates from 1455 and was built of wood on the orders of Mehmed II, on the site of an old market.

It has been restored and partially rebuilt, following an earthquake in 1894, the Grand Bazaar Istanbul was ravaged several times by fires, the last of which occurred in 1954, destroying half of the building.

The plan of the Istanbul Grand Bazaar Visit

grand bazaar
grand bazaar

Like all bazaars, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is organized by neighborhoods, each grouping together a certain type of craft: jewelry, carpets, textiles, mosaics, silverware, etc.

In the center, there is a large vaulted room, the Bedesten, a sort of flea market where countless old things pile up: Ancient weapons, jewelry, ornaments, dishes, silverware, coins, etc.

Today the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the hub of the gold and currency market. There is everything: dishes, decoration, textiles, jewelry (sale to professionals and the Turkish people, on average 1000 kg of gold per day changes hands), leather goods, souvenirs, leather, textiles…

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is not only a tourist place, also frequented by Turks, in a very friendly, warm, joyful atmosphere, a visit not to be missed. The old and the modern coexist, the authentic and fake as well.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is magical, the smells mingle with the hubbub, dozens of alleys cross and intersect in an eastern and western atmosphere at the same time.

In the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul your walk will be accompanied by questions of all kinds, never aggressive, never stifling, just this little tip of funny insistence, which makes you want to discover more (nobody grabs your arm or force you to enter the store), everything remains friendly and simple.

At the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, you will very often be offered a tea with no obligation to buy, but more by tradition. Do not put false barriers, everything remains with a friendly atmosphere, if you buy the merchant will be delighted of course, and you will also be happy to bring a little trace of your passage to Istanbul. However, if you do not buy, no fear, others will. He will keep smiling, wish you a good day and you will have tasted a good tea, well laughed and will surely find your perfect purchase elsewhere.

The Grand Bazaar prices

You should know that the prices are not displayed, so bring your best smile and hope that the price will be lowered.

– Bargaining at the Grand Bazaar is a must.
– There is no guarantee at the Grand Bazaar on the authenticity of the products purchased, and no refund after purchase.

– It remains a tourist place with its advantages and disadvantages (as in all crowd places: Beware of your personal belongings)
– Do not expect a miracle, all the big brands (textiles, perfume…) sold in the Grand Bazaar at very low prices are imitations.

– To find your way in this infinite labyrinth, a little tip: There are numbers above the shops and street names.

Grand Bazaar Istanbul visit opening and closing times

Open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Closure of the Istanbul Grand Bazaar Visit: Sunday

In Skyfall, James Bond pursues a motorcycle on the roofs of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

BE CAREFUL, the perfumes sold on the run at the Grand Bazaar can give allergies, itching. No one really knows where the content comes from.

> The Mahmutpaşa district is contiguous

Open air Bazaar founded after the conquest of Constantinople, inaugurated in 1474 by the grand vizier Mahmut Pasha, the Bazaar Mahmutpasa is the second oldest bazaar in the city of Istanbul after the Grand Bazaar. It is located between the latter and the old Eminönü district. This bazaar is the perfect example of economic shopping where you can find all types of products by going around its 256 stalls. You will surely find something interesting there. This time attended by the Turks in majority but not only for sale of textile, but also products of the everyday life. Very good deal ….. at very low price. At the Mahmutpaşa market, there are also Hammams and Ottoman mausoleums.

> By the main street, it is possible to go to the Spice Bazaar.

The Istanbul Spice Market, also known as the Egyptian Market, is designed in the shape of an “L” for its covered part. The place was built in 1664, on the initiative of the sultana Hatice Turhan. Its restoration dates from the 1940s.

Enjoy the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul!

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