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10 must see in Istanbul

10 must see in Istanbul

There are many unusual and exotic places to visit in Istanbul. The list is that long that it would take weeks to be able to visit everything in Istanbul. Therefore, AlltourstoIstanbul has selected for you 10 places to visit in Istanbul!

The Grand Bazaar to visit in Istanbul

The first on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul is The Istanbul Grand Bazaar is the largest covered bazaar in the world with its 21 doors, 58 streets and 4,000 shops. You would need one year to do shopping there. From antiquity to contemporary, there is everything in a warm and fun atmosphere.

The Istanbul Grand Bazaar is open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Closed: Sunday

Prices Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Prices for the entrance to the Istanbul Grand Bazaar
Entrance to the Grand Bazaar is free

How to go to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul? The address of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Mollafenari Mh.
VS. Nuruosmaniye Caddesi, Fatih, Istanbul, Türkiye – Phone : 0090 212 522 3173

The Grand Bazaar is located on the European shore, in the old town, behind the Spice Market. You can access it by one of its 21 doors, but the two main ones are: first, “Beyazit Kapisi” in the Beyazit district. In order to get there it’s really simple: you can get off at the tram station of “Grand Bazaar” (announced in the tram). The Grand Bazaar is located right next to it. The second main door is “Nuruosmaniye Kapisi”. In order to get there, you have to get out of the tram at the “Cemberlitas” station.

The Spice Market to visit in Istanbul

The Egyptian Market offers multiple varieties of spices, confectionery, oils and specialties…. smell, taste, discover, be amazed!

The second on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul is The Spice Market is open every day of the week from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Free admission

How to go to the Spice Market

The Egyptian Bazaar Istanbul is located on the European bank, next to the new mosque (yeni camii), just opposite the pier of Eminonu.

Taksim Square and Istiklal Street to visit in Istanbul

The third on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul is Taksim Square is a place that has been the subject of much ink in recent years. Place Taksim is a very precious symbolic place in the heart of the Istanbul people.

The Istiklal Street is unique with its innumerable traders, its street artists, its nostalgic tram, its lively parallel streets, its restaurants, its churches. In the evening, take part in the crazy nightlife of the Istanbul people in pubs, bars, clubs, mezze restaurants… right in Istiklal Street.

How to get to Istiklal Street and Taksim Square in Istanbul

* On the European side, you have to get off at the Taksim metro station which gives direct access to Taksim square.

* Istiklal Street: the European heart of Istanbul beats in the pedestrian zone with its retro tram. The street runs right through the Beyoğlu district, from the upper exit of the rack-and-pinion tunnel to Taksim Square.

The Galata District to visit in Istanbul

The fourth on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul is Galata Tower. Crawl at the top of the Galata Tower in Istanbul for an exceptional view. The Istanbul people go to the Galata district to discover its arts, souvenirs, music, vintage, fashion design shops, its restaurants, cafes, street vendors, its Jewish museum, its Salt museum and Ottoman bank. The Galata district is one of the trendy districts of the city.

How to get to the Galata district in Istanbul

* The Galata District is located on the European side, at the bottom of Istiklal Street in Taksim: for those coming from the Asian side, upon arriving at the Karakoy pier, take the tunnel (small underground tram a station) or walk from the pier by the bankers’ street to be able to visit the museums on the way 

Pierre Loti Coffee to visit in Istanbul

For an exceptional view of the Golden Horn, come and sip a çay (Turkish tea) or Turkish coffee (the best Turkish coffee in Istanbul) at the legendary Pierre Loti café. The fifth on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul, Pierre Loti takes its name from a French writer, then stroll through the shopping streets, discover the Ottoman cemetery, the Eyup district and its mosque.

How to go to Pierre Loti Coffee

On the European shore, by taking the funicular to the Eyup district at the edge of the Golden Horn. In order to reach Eyup, just take the town hall bus 99Y, every 15 minutes. If there are no traffic jams, the trip lasts only 10 minutes.

Galata Bridge to visit in Istanbul

The sixth on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul is the historic Galata Bridge, have fun watching the fishermen, eat fresh fish in the restaurants below, listen to music in the evening or enjoy a balik ekmek (means “fish in bread”) from one of the Ottoman boats at Eminonu!

Where is the Galata Bridge in Istanbul

10 must see in Istanbul
10 must see in Istanbul

* On the European shore, at the Eminonu or Karakoy pier

The Prince Islands to visit in Istanbul

The seventh on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul is close to the big city, go on a mini cruise to relax for a day. Organize a mangal (barbecue), take a horse-drawn carriage ride, cycle, enjoy swimming, eat fish, a traditional ice cream, a waffle… discover the beautiful Ottoman houses, the friendly locals. A day in Istanbul to unwind.

How to go to the Prince Islands in Istanbul

Take the boat to Kadikoy or Eminonu in the direction of ADALAR (Prince Islands).

Ortakoy neighborhood to visit in Istanbul

The eighth on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul is Ortakoy, one of the nice neighborhoods of Istanbul on the edge of the Bosphorus. Come stroll through the open shopping streets, enter the splendid Ortakoy mosque, eat a kumpir (large baked potato, stocked with a multitude of food), go for a private boat ride, give to eat with pigeons, sip a tea to observe the Bosphorus.

How to go to the Ortakoy district in Istanbul

* On the European shore at the foot of the 1st suspension bridge: take the bus, the dolmus or even the taxi.

The Kadikoy neighborhood to visit in Istanbul

The ninth on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul is Kadikoy, a very lively district from dusk until dawn, frequented by the majority of young people. There is something to see or do for the whole day. Take a picture with the French bull, discover the superb local daily market, shop in the many shopping streets, drink Turkish coffee in bars and brasseries, discover the many tattoo artists, the nostalgic tram, visit Haydarpasa station or eat in trendy restaurants, smoke hookah, listen to live music in pubs, have fun meeting many artists and street vendors… For walkers, take your discovery to the Moda district to a walk by the Marmara sea (a magnificent view of Constantinople, Topkapi palace, the blue mosque and the Saint Sophia Basilica).

How to get to Kadikoy in Istanbul

On the Asian side: from the European side, buses, dolmus, metro (Marmaray), boats go there.

The Bosphorus to visit in Istanbul

The tenth on the list of 10 must see in Istanbul is of course The Bosphorus. It is absolutely necessary to navigate there: you cannot miss a boat trip on the Bosphorus in Istanbul to discover both banks. A boat trip to the Bosphorus allows you to see sumptuous Ottoman houses (yali), bridges closer, remote areas that you will not have time to see on foot; Ottoman palaces, museums, historic and modern buildings … An overview that through a Bosphorus tour you can contemplate. Do not forget your cameras to immortalize what you will discover.

How to take a stroll on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

Many private boats or line boats leave from the 2 banks: It is marked “Tour Bosphorus”. With explanations (often in English) or without, just for the pleasure of discovering this unusual landscape.

Or you can rent a private boat in Istanbul, for a ride on the Bosphorus. Everything is possible!