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Alacati in Izmir

Alacati Places to visit 2020

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Alacati places, historical stone houses, magnificent sea and windsurfing is the grass festival that attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Alacati is in the Aegean Sea, from a neighborhood of Cesme, the pearl of Izmir. Its history is quite rich. Lydia, Persia, Pergamon Kingdom, Roman, Byzantine and Genoese respectively came under the rule. In the 16th century, the Alacati tribe dominated the region with the Ottoman conquest of Chios.

The places in the Alacati region are quite touristic places. On the main Alacati page;

Alacati Flour Mills – Alacati Places to visit

Alacati Flour Mills
Alacati Flour Mills

The season of Alacati is windy. On the list of Alacati Places to visit, windmills are past to present. So much so that the oldest windmills are quite large, built between 500 and 1000. Considering the conditions of that period, these structures are considered as technological marvels. These windmills that have been renovated over time. Among these, 12 white column windmills are the most popular.

Historical Alacati Houses

Alacati Place Houses
Alacati Place Houses

When it comes to the places of Alacati, narrow cobblestone streets of Alacati are the most popular places. Beautiful Greek houses lined up on the streets of Alacati, where Greek culture is intensely drawn, attract the attention of tourists.

Alacati houses harden over time and provide thermal insulation, and are built with peculiar stones, similar to pumice stone. The fact that these houses have come up to date is due to the fact that they are solid. The gardens and windows of the bay windows, dominated by white and indigo blue, are adorned with colorful flowers. These houses are used as a boutique hotel, shop and residence in a hotel. While walking in the narrow streets of Alacati, the fragrance of bougainvillea goes together.

Alacati Port – Alacati Places to visit

Alacati Port in Izmir
Alacati Port in Izmir

In addition to places to visit in Alacati, it is possible to experience the lively night life at Alacati Port Marina. Popular places are listed in the marina, which is intertwined with the sea. From luxurious restaurants to night clubs, Alacati Port, where the entertainment sector is intense, is worth seeing.

Ayious Constantine Church – Alacati Places to visit

For those who are interested in history, places to visit in Alacati are quite high. One of them is Ayios Constantine Church, which was built in 1874 using the masonry rubble stone technique. The building built by Yuhannis Halopas is used as Pazaryeri Mosque today. The building, which was converted into a mosque, was left in accordance with the original structure of the church. The icons, which are called works of art, the three-nave basalica structure are still flooded with visitors.

Beatiful Bays of Alacati

Delikli Bay
Delikli Bay

Aya Yorgi Bay has an important place in the list of places to visit in Alacati with its magnificent view where the sea is warmer than other bays, which is not traced from the famous strong wind of Alacati. Aya Yorgi Bay is an ideal place for swimming and sunbathing. There are multiple Beach clubs.

Delikli Bay is the hidden paradise of Alacati. With its white cliffs, deep blue sea and lush vegetation, it is a bay preferred by those seeking peace. A giant rock between Alacati and Ovacik has been carved over time and it connects the two bays with the name of the hole with holes. The sea is warm and calm. Especially the campers take the lead in the list of places to visit in Alacati.

Yumru Bay is the place where windsurfing is done intensely. The World Windsurf Championship is held every year in this bay. There are also multiple surf schools. It is a perfect choice for those who want to surf. It is also possible to watch magnificent surf shows on the azure sea.

Where is the Alacati Market

Alacati Places to visitAlacati Market, where natural and organic products are exhibited, is a must-see. It is possible to see fresh delicious fruits and vegetables, fragrant spices, handmade jams and mastic products from thousands of years ago, local delicacies produced by villagers in Alacati Market. The souvenirs, which are indispensable for the local people, also attract attention in this market. Especially gum jam is one of the important symbols of Alacati.

Alacati Square

Alacati Square is the heart of Alacati. It is a great feeling to feel the scent of lavender while visiting the restaurants, stone houses, souvenir shops. It is possible to see many famous artists, politicians and athletes in Alacati Square. Especially in the evening between 20-24 hours, the square is an important region among Alacati places to visit.

Alacati Herb Festival

It is said that a thousand kinds of herbs are grown in Alacati. Alacati Herb Festival is held in the first week of April every year. In this festival, medicinal and delicious herbs and local dishes made with these herbs are displayed. It is an must see for those who go to Alacati in April.

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