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Altınbesik Cave - Antalya

Antalya Caves

There are quite a lot of caves in Antalya. This is due to the nature of the geography and landforms it is located on. Antalya was established on the slopes of the Taurus Range Mountains. The Taurus Mountains consist mainly of limestone limestones. When the cave formations were examined, it was understood that they were formed by limestone formation.

Several of the Antalya caves have world reputation. These are Karain, Dim, Damlatas, Altınbesik, Yalan Dunya, Kocain, Beldibi caves. Many of the approximately 500 caves are waiting to be opened to tourism. Almost every month of the year, local and foreign tourists come to Antalya to see these natural wonders.

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Altinbesik Cave – Antalya Caves

Altınbesik Cave, located in the product village of the Ibradı District of Antalya, fascinates local and foreign tourists with its natural beauty. The cave inside the product park is open to visitors until the working hours are over. The distance between the product village and the cave is 4.5 km. It is an exciting journey as it is reached through the steep cliffs. However, the view reached at the end of the road fascinates people. Buttoned Houses unique to the region along the way are interesting.

The cave is Turkey’s largest caves. It is the third largest cave in Europe. The cave with the underground lake is 2200 meters long. The lake is 125 meters long and there is a natural bridge made of rocks in the middle. The cave is completely covered with travertines and crevices. The cave, which is filled with water in spring and winter, is open to visitors in summer and autumn.

There is a cafeteria at the entrance of the cave. Also for those who want to visit the cave with boats, sightseeing boats are located at the entrance. It is mandatory to wear a life jacket during the free boat service.

Damlatas Cave

Damlatas Cave - Antalya
Damlatas Cave – Antalya

It is said to have 15 thousand years of history for the formation of Damlataş Cave. Damlataş Cave, located on the central coast of Alanya District, is one of the most popular tourist caves. It contains stalactites and stalagmites. Air temperature does not change in summer and winter. The humidity of the cave is 90%. The carbon dioxide rate is also high. It is said to be good for asthma due to this feature. At least 4 thousand asthma patients come to the cave every year to find healing.

Where is the Dim Cave?

Dim Cave - Antalya
Dim Cave – Antalya

Dim Cave is 11 km from the center of Alanya. There are 3 different ways of transportation. It is reached via the Tosmur or Kestel Town and the Dim River valley. It is 323 meters above sea level. So it has an incredibly beautiful view. Watching Alanya, the castle and Dim River Valley from above, witnessing this amazing view excites people. For this reason, viewing terraces are built around the cave and binoculars are provided.

Inside the Dim Cave, there are stalactites and stalagmites and a small lake. The temperature of the cave is around 18 degrees and it does not change.

Karain Cave – Antalya

Karain Cave - Antalya
Karain Cave – Antalya

Karain Cave is 27 km from Antalya Center. In order to reach the cave, 522 steps must be climbed. Although it may seem difficult, many local and foreign tourists think it will be worth it. It is definitely one of the caves worth seeing.

Excavations show that there was a settlement in the cave 500 thousand years ago. Excavations have been continuing since 1946. The feature of the Karain Cave is that it is the largest cave that people have ever lived. Among the ruins removed from the cave are the first examples of Anatolian art. These works are exhibited in Antalya Museum.

Lying Earth Cave

Lying Earth Cave antalya
Lying Earth Cave antalya

The cave is in the village of Beyrebucak, on the Anamur Highway. After coming to the village, it is approximately one and a half kilometers inland.

The history of the cave goes back 5 million years. Its length is 4 km. However, with the dent incident in 1950, only 450 meters of the cave is open to visitors. . It is served by a private business. It has a cafeteria and parking lot. There are 3 main halls in the section of Lie World Cave. The transition between these halls is made through passages in the form of a tunnel. There are seating benches for relaxation in the cave.

Kocain Cave – Price

To reach Kocain Cave, located 45 km north of Antalya, follow Antalya – Burdur highway and go to Ahirtas Village. The mouth width of the cave is 35 x 70 meters. Turkey has the distinction of being the most wide-mouthed cave. Inside the cave there are columns of about 60 meters in height and a Roman cistern. It consists of 2 Halls.

Konakalti Cave – Price

Konakalti Cave, which is accessible only from the sea, is on the shore of Atatürk Park. The length of the horizontal cave is 60 meters. It has 2 halls. Of these, the eastern hall is under water. Although there are light puddles in the western hall, it is generally dry. The eastern hall is covered with rock blocks. There are stalactites, stalagmites and columns in the western hall.

We can say that it is the cave that tourists are most interested in. Being on the sea shore and decorated with travertine ornaments in the rooms adds a different beauty. The temperature of the cave is always 28 degrees.

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