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Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

To complete the discovery of the bewitching city that is Istanbul, come and take off for a ride on the Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul in order to appreciate fully the extent of the city. Marvel at the YALI, have a view set by the sea of ​​sumptuous palaces, get closer to these impressive Istanbul Bosphorus bridges and places all more beautiful than others. The sea breeze that rekindles you and gives you such energy to enjoy everything that this fabulous city has to offer.

There are several cruise companies to take the ride on the Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

There are two cruise companies that offer regular schedules every day of the year, winter and summer, 7/7 and at low prices: the small Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul which lasts about an hour and a half, non-stop and the grand tour of the Bosphorus with stopovers which will allow you to discover several areas of the Bosphorus unknown to tourists which lasts around 5 hours. For more info you can consult their website:

– www.turyol.com

– www.sehirhatlari.com.tr

* For the ride on the Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul, the vast majority of boats leave from Eminönü. Only one company leaves from Üskudar but still stops in Eminonu. There are also departures from Kadıkoy.

Several agencies are doing rides on the Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

* Some for a low price will offer you a ride without much explanations, it’s up to you to know or guess what you will see.

* Others will offer you a ride with explanations in English only (being the official language of tourism), given the mix of travelers present on the boat.

* A tour, with optional electronic headsets for rent which will give you explanations in your language, during your ride on the Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul.

* In groups or individually with a private guide for a Bosphorus ride. People who have previously booked in a travel agency or tour operator, and who have therefore been able to benefit from the transfer from the hotel to the boat. Explanations in their mother tongue will be given by a tourism professional.

* Evening meals are also organized which will allow you to sail under the spotlights of the city sparkling with a thousand lights. It is the best moment to have a romantic dinner on the Bosphorus tour in Istanbul (it can be a complement to the beauty of the visits during the day).

What is the price of the Istanbul Bosphorus ride? How much does a private ride on the Bosphorus cost?

Prices are approximately between €5 and €450 per person; depending on the service offered (explained above), the type of boat and the season.

The quality of the ride depends on the ballad chosen: at 5 euro, no guide for comments, the boat is often overloaded, difficult to position oneself well for taking photos and very noisy.

When the price goes up, travelers have additional services like private guide, comfort, duration, etc. Tout Istanbul advises you to compare the prices of the rides on the Bosphorus on the quality, not the price.

It remains however very accessible, for an essential ride on the Bosphorus.

Departure from Eminonu for the ride on the Bosphorus

Departure from Eminonu for the ride on the Bosphorus
Departure from Eminonu for the ride on the Bosphorus

The landscapes of the Istanbul Bosphorus is a panel of extraordinary postcards, of unexplainable beauty from all angles. You can contemplate for hours; while strolling, by boat, enjoying an exceptional angle to be able to admire the two continents, see what you cannot discover on foot but also on the ground sitting on a bench, at a restaurant terrace, in a club, lying in a park… Dozens of possibilities are available to you for the chance to enjoy the unique spectacle that the Istanbul Bosphorus offers us every day.

Galata Bridge and Golden Horn – Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

The fifth Galata Bridge was built just a few meters from the previous bridge, between Karaköy and Eminönü, and completed in December 1994. It is a bascule bridge 490 m long, with a span of 80 m. The bridge platform is 42 m wide for three traffic lanes and one pedestrian lane in each direction. Recently, a streetcar track was added. Every day amateur fishermen are present on the deck to enjoy the view, to relax, chat with their neighbor and practice a common passion. Under the bridges all along there are restaurants of fish, so early caught immediately served!

Istanbul Spice Market – Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

You can see the Spice Market and the New Mosque in Eminonu. A district that you absolutely must visit, all its odors and this exotic oriental atmosphere, are part of the beauties of Eminonu. The New Mosque is very little visited in Istanbul by tourists and yet very beautiful.

Suleymaniye Mosque is unquestionably one of the greatest successes of the architect Sinan. The Suleymaniye Mosqueis considered the most beautiful of the imperial mosques in Istanbul. It is really fabulous, to visit absolutely.

The Galata Tower:

Its characteristic cylindrical silhouette constitutes an imposing landmark in the sky of this district located north of the Golden Horn and dominates the horizon while offering a panoramic view of the old city of Istanbul and its surroundings. Go up there to enjoy an overview of the city from the sky!

Topkapi Palace – Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

By the Marmara Sea, at the mouth of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus is an Istanbul Palace. From 1465 to 1853, it was the main and official urban residence of the Ottoman Sultan. The Topkapi Palace was built on the site of the Acropolis of Ancient Byzantium.

Hagia Sophia – Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

Visible from the Golden Horn and the BosphorusHagia Sophia one of the oldest Christian churches in Constantinople in the 6th century, which became a mosque in the 15th century under the impulse of Sultan Mehmet II. It is in pink with its 4 minarets.

The Leander’s Tower – Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

Located in the opposite of the Salacak district on the Asian side of the Bosphorus on the islet, nowadays a café restaurant. The Leander’s Tower, in Turkish “Kız Kulesi”, is built on a small island located in the Bosphorus Strait off the Üsküdar district.

Dolmabahçe Palace

On the European side of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour was the residence of the Sultan from 1853 to 1922, with the exception of around twenty years, between 1889 and 1909, where The Palace of Yıldız was used.

Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus:

On the European side of the Bosphorus

Kempinski Palace Istanbul

On the European bank of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour is a palace, built by Sultan Abdulaziz between 1863-1867. It was a period during which the Ottoman sultans had their own palaces built rather than using those of their ancestors. The Cirahan Palace is the last example of this period.

Galatasaray University – Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul

The University of Galatasaray on the European bank of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour is pink in color, inaugurated by François Mitterrand.

The Ortakoy Mosque

On the European bank of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour, officially called the “Mecidiye Great Mosque”. It is located on the tip of the Defterdar in the Ortaköy district, literally meaning the “village in the middle”, the neighborhood where you can taste a huge potato well garnished (KUMPIR).

The Bosphorus

From 1973, (in Turkish “Boğaziçi Köprüsü”) also called “first Bosphorus Bridge“, is one of the three suspension bridges.

It is located between the two districts of the Bosphorus, Ortaköy (on the European side) and Beylerbeyi (on the Asian side).

The Yalıs of the Bosphorus

Superb Ottoman houses inhabited most often by imperial families. They are still present on the two banks of the Bosphorus in total 600 of the 18th and 19th century.

The Rumeli Castle

On the European bank of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour, it was built in 1452 by Sultan Mehmet II (possibility to visit it, concerts are organized there in summer).

The second suspension bridge of the Bosphorus from MEHMET II The Conqueror

Built in 1986, put into service in 1988, it is the second bridge crossing the Bosphorus. It remained just as impressive. The total length of the bridge is 1,510 meters and the distance between the two main towers is 1,090 meters. The total height of each tower is 105 meters above the road and the bridge is 64 meters from the water.

The boat crosses the Bosphorus to Asia and returns to Eminönü along the Asian shore.

The most beautiful Yalıs of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour are on this shore.

Anadolu Hisarı

Located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour. It is a fortified castle from the 14th century.

Kucuksu Kasrı

Sultans Hunting Palace on the Asian side of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour from the 19th century.

Kuleli Lisesi

Kuleli Military High School on the Asian side of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour from 19th century.

Beylerbeyi Palace

Summer palace of the Sultans on the Asian side of the Bosphorus in Istanbul tour, the wife of Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie stayed there for 3 months during the 19th century.

Want to discover all these beauties aboard a boat? This walk is really fabulous, very pleasant, allows you to see a complete set of places and have detailed explanations to better know the city and its gems. You will find boats everywhere: Usküdar, Eminonu …

All Tours to turkey offers excursions with Bosphorus in Istanbul, must-see monuments and a ride on the Bosphorus.

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