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Byzantine Buildings in Istanbul

Byzantine Buildings in Istanbul

Many historical buildings and artifacts that have survived from the Byzantine Period to the present have been the symbols of Istanbul. When it comes to Byzantine buildings in Istanbul, churches, columns, towers, aqueducts and many works come to mind. Moreover, many of them are still standing and firmly adding beauty to Istanbul.

Istanbul, which has a rich history, became the capital of the Byzantine Empire with the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 395. His name at that time was Constantinople. It became one of the richest cities of the time with its structures.

Byzantine Structures in Istanbul:

Hagia Sophia Church is one of the most magnificent structures of Istanbul in terms of architecture. Anthemius and Isidorus, the architects of the Hagia Sophia Church, which was built by 10,000 workers and 100 craftsmen, made their names in history as the most famous architects of the period.

Hagia Sophia is one of the most important Byzantine buildings in Istanbul. The building, which was converted into a museum during the Republic declaration and Atatürk period, was used as the patriarch church until 1453. In the center of the majestic dome and the dome, the Jesus mosaic, the arches connecting the dome, and the gorges around it, perform perfectly. You can climb up to the upper floor of the building, which sits on 108 columns. With its magnificent mosaics, rich decorations, huge appearance, high and wide dome on the walls, it fascinates tourists who come to see from all over the world. Hagia Sophia Museum, which is the symbol of the fusion of religions, also bleaches hundreds of people every day in Sultan Ahmet Square.

Another important of the Byzantine buildings in Istanbul is Hagia Irene Church. Just behind the Hagia Sophia is the courtyard of Topkapi Palace. It was built in the 4th century in a three nave basilica order. It is the only large church that was used as an arsenal and military ministry in the Ottoman period and was not converted into a mosque. Today it is used as a museum.

Byzantine buildings in Istanbul
Byzantine buildings in Istanbul

Loannes Studios Church is one of the Byzantine buildings in Istanbul. So much so that it is among the oldest religious structures. The building, which has a basilica style architecture, is also known as Imrahor Ilyas Bey Mosque today. It is an important church of the Byzantine Period. It accommodated quite a lot of monks. It was damaged during the Latin invasion, but it was recaptured and repaired. The building, which passed to the Ottoman with the conquest of Istanbul, was converted into a mosque during the Beyazıt Period. Although it is in ruins today, it is one of the places that attract local and foreign tourists.

Kariye Mosque is one of the Byzantine buildings in Istanbul, remaining from the 11th century. The building, which is used as a museum today, is located in Edirnekapi. The church was used as a mosque in the Byzantine Period and a mosque in the Ottoman Period. It is the most ornate building from the Byzantine period with its frescoes, mosaics. From the outside, it is a simple building with brick walls.

Another important church that should be seen within the Byzantine buildings in Istanbul is the Constantine Lips Church. It was converted into a mosque by the Ottoman in the 15th century and its name was changed as Fenari Isa Mosque. The building in the Greek cross plan was built by combining two churches. Its difference from other Byzantine Churches has a chapel all over its dome. This has proved to be an architecturally important structure. The building on Vatan Caddesi Adnan Menderes Boulevard is used as a mosque today.

Today, it is the symbol of Istanbul in important towers among the Byzantine buildings in Istanbul. Maiden Tower is one of them. With its picturesque tower identity that has been rising on the rocks for centuries, it is one of the structures that attract attention today. The Maiden’s Tower has a 2500-year history. Today it is used as a restaurant.

Another important tower of Byzantine buildings in Istanbul is the Galata Tower. It was built in 528 by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius. It was destroyed in the 4th Crusade and was rebuilt by the Genoese on the walls in 1348. It is an important structure in Turkish history. It is rumored that Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi, who had jumped from the tower with his wooden wings, flew to Uskudar-Doğancılar during the 4th Murat Period. It was started to be used for touristic purposes in 1967.

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