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Coming to Turkey with your pet

Coming to Turkey with your pet

Turkey accepts pets like dogs, cats, fish, birds … but under certain conditions. It is therefore strongly advised to approach a Turkish consulate in order to take all the information necessary for coming to Turkey with your pet.

All Tours to Turkey has summarized for you the clauses that must be observed to be able to enter with your pet in complete tranquility and safety:

– The animal must have a recognition chip
– Be tattooed
– Must have an up-to-date vaccination record
– An up-to-date travel passport, checked by your veterinarian
– Must not have a contagious disease
– You must have a certificate given 2 days before your departure by your veterinarian, which you will give to the Turkish authorities upon your arrival
– The animal must have been subjected to anti-rabies treatment 1 month before your departure
– A check by a Turkish veterinarian at the airport will be possible
– You must also see the conditions of admission of your Turkey visit with pet with the airline you have chosen
– You must have a box adapted to the size of your Turkey visit with pet and which closes properly
– A painkiller is recommended by veterinarians and airlines for the well-being of your pet during the flight
– The so-called dangerous breeds like Pitbull, Tosas, Great Danes are not allowed
– Birds must be banded
– Cats must be more than 4 months old to be able to travel
– No more than 2 pets for Turkey visit with pet per person

In addition, you must submit to all checks by the airline or the Turkish authorities:
– Your pet‘s travel crate which will be inspected for the possible purpose of finding any possession of illegal substance, weapons or blunt objects
– From your pet, his leash, his clothes if he wears them, for the same reasons above
– Travel documents for your Turkey visit with pet and yours

Coming to Turkey with your pet
Coming to Turkey with your pet

Weight limit allowed – coming to Turkey with your pet

Pet in the hold: more than 8kg up to 75kg
Animals in cabin: up to 8kg (in a bag provided for this purpose which must be IATA approved for many airlines) and animals with respiratory problems, under conditions and acceptance of the airline. The price of your pet‘s flight depends on the airline, each has its rules and conditions

Which places accept animals in Turkey

It is important to follow the country’s requirements thoroughly or your Turkey visit with pet can be quarantined. In Turkey, animals are treated like royalty!
They are accepted in many restaurants, shopping centers, boutiques, hotels, apartment rentals, taxis, public transport (buses, boats), parks (on a leash).
For hotels and apartments, see conditions with the establishment and the owner for the possible tariff supplement. In Turkey, you will not be disoriented for your animal, we no longer count the number of petshops and veterinarians present in the country. There are real sanctuaries!

Which brands of kibble are present in Turkey

Food brands are numerous: Whiskas, Hills, Nutrience … (more than 50 brands)
They are found in shopping centers, veterinarians, petshops, Bakkal shops (street traders).
Prices are about the same as in Europe, no big difference depending on where you buy it.

Where to keep your animal in Turkey

You can also keep your pet in an animal hotel during your getaways: count around € 15/20 per day per pet. Very clean, very secure, comfortable place, with entertainment, garden, swimming pool, etc…
You can also consider hiring a walker.

How to buy an animal in Turkey – coming to Turkey with your pet

Regarding the purchase of an animal in Turkey, the conditions are almost identical for the return to your country, namely: up-to-date vaccination booklet drawn up by a Turkish veterinarian, up-to-date travel documents, tattooed, microchipped, etc.

See conditions with your consulate as well.