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crime in turkey

Crime in Turkey 2020

There is no real street crime in Turkey 2020, such as disruptive and aggressive groups of people with which the fear of being robbed is poisoning us.

Vandalism is also almost non-existent, in 2020 there is still respect for people, things and places. It is difficult to believe it for many Europeans but it is however the observation that they are lucky to experience when arriving in Turkey.

The tranquility of being able to harpoon the streets and alleys without fear is a reality in Turkey!

The only street crime that we could observe in certain districts (very little touristy), are men sniffers of illicit substance, which in the end is really rare to come across.

Why does crime in Turkey 2020 does not exist?

Theft, aggression, street crime in Turkey 2020 are strongly reprimanded first by the citizen himself who does not hesitate to intervene by flying to the rescue of the widow and the orphan.

People are tangled, and some offenders have paid the price.

Nobody cheats in the metros, or at their own risk because each station has a minimum security agent behind the barriers.

People, men, women, all together react and they get tangled up with any situation that might seem abnormal to them.

Fear of the other does not yet exist as one can feel in Europe.

You can therefore imagine that burglaries and bank robberies are almost nonexistent in crime in Turkey 2020.

How is petty crime defined in Turkey?

The crime in Turkey 2020 if we can name it like this, is mainly concentrated on family problems, personal or professional settling of scores. Newspaper headlines and television news are posted daily. Unfortunately, it is very often a catastrophic end!

It must also be said that the police are very active in Turkey, which is certainly a deterrent for anyone who wants to sow discord.

For example :
– Tourist police
Civilian police
– National police in uniform
– Illotiers
– Private security guards…

* The risk 0 of aggression does not exist of course, like everywhere on the planet

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