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Smoking Hookah in Istanbul

The Hookah is an object of relaxation, pleasure. It is well known and recognized around the world (Balkan countries/South Asia/Middle East). It brings people together and make them spend good time with friends, in a great atmosphere.

ANECDOTE: “hookah” comes from the Persian “NARGIL” which meant “coconut” (when the hookah was created, the glass bottle (in porcelain today) was a coconut).

The Hookah of Iran was quickly adopted by the Sultans and the people.

Smoking Hookah in Istanbul
Smoking Hookah in Istanbul

Come and try the Turkish Hookah without delay!

Sit comfortably on the sofa upholstered with very colorful Turkish patterns. Various flavors are being offered: mint, caramel, anise, rose and many more.

A young man brings you a very beautiful glass bottle, decorated with hand-painted red and pink flowers, filled with water, the neck decorated with a carved iron support, ending in a pallet at the end to deposit the tobacco of your choice, as well as small pieces of charcoal embers to set it on fire. A cord of color in harmony with the bottle, in serpentine shape, is connected. You will be given a hygienic plastic tip wrapped in its case, specific to each client. It will be the place by which it will be necessary to suck very hard to make the water of the bottle simmer and boil. The more bubbles, the better!

Attendance is predominantly male. Often, the head in the smoke, Turks like to drink tea while smoking the Hookah.

There are many places where you can smoke a Hookah, relax and chat.

It is also called a water pipe. Minors are prohibited in smoking areas. These very smoky places can turn out to be quite dangerous, with the constant circulation of pieces of charcoal embers distributed, using a very very hot cast iron Dutch oven. Restriction of space between tables causes a misplaced foot to create a disaster.

WARNING: as on cigarette packs, it is displayed on Hookah bottles: “Smoking can kill”

In general, the prices are inexpensive, they will vary depending on where you smoke it, the setting counts of course.

Knowing that you can take a Hookah and that several people can benefit from it, it is a good deal.

Why not bring it back as a souvenir? It is sold in bazaars and in specialized shops, at all prices and in different styles. There is a Hookah for each and every taste!

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