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turkish pizza lahmacun

Lahmacun, the Turkish Pizza

Lahmacun, the Turkish Pizza, has a very thin and crispy dough, covered with minced lamb meat, tomato puree, onion, herbs, spices.

It is prepared in a traditional oven and it can be of a large size or small! It varies. You can frequently see ‘fındık lahmacun’ which means ‘hazelnut sized’ served as a compliment in Turkish tavernas or kebap houses.

It is better when eaten the Turkish way: add chopped onions in the center, sprigs of parsley, sliced ​​tomato, you can also put small sweet peppers in the middle of it, once it is out of the oven. At the end, sprinkle it with lemon. Then, you need to roll everything up and you can crunch!

This is the most frequent quick snack for students and workers, we love to eat it with ayran. Usually the places which make it will be called ‘Kebab ve lahmacun salonu’.

Some places make fancy one though, there is even a lahmacun with kobe meat! A famous Turkish Youtuber made a video where he tries 10 different versions of lahmacun from the cheapest one to the most expensive one. Need to notice even the cheapest ones are pretty good.

A funny story: a luxurious restaurant, named Maça Kızı Beach in Bodrum, serves it with an ayran for the price of 150 TL! True curiosity, it would seem that it is a special turkish pizza, perhaps with caviar… who knows?

If you are really hungry order 2 without waiting!

Lahmacun, the Turkish Pizza
Lahmacun, the Turkish Pizza

Ready to enjoy a superb Turkish Pizza? It is inexpensive, price is around 9 TL. A real treat for everyone which you can accompany with Ayran drink, slightly salty fermented yogurt drink. This is true delight!

You can find the Lahmacun everywhere in all restaurants and snacks. Lahmacun is eaten in Turkey but also in Armenia!

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