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Restaurants in Istanbul

Restaurants in Istanbul

It is always a bit difficult to choose a good restaurant in a country, a city that we do not know. This is why Alltourstoturkey Istanbul has gathered for you some information, a small selection of restaurants in Istanbul with varied specialties in order to give you a glimpse of idea about ​​what you can eat in Istanbul with a good quality and at a reasonable price.

The restaurants in Istanbul from the list below have been chosen for their criteria of environment, hospitality, sympathy, quality, variety and price.

The restaurant suggestions in Istanbul have been developed with the simple aim of providing travelers with the best possible information on what can be found as quality dining places in Istanbul.

YUKSEL BALIK – Istanbul fish restaurants in Istanbul – Fish and seafood

YUKSEL BALIK fish restaurants in Istanbul is located by the Bosphorus in the Tarabya district on the European shore.

The decor of the restaurant is simple and warm, medium capacity with 360 seats. The quality of the products is unbelievable, fresh and cooked with respect of the ingredients.

A table host offers you a platter of varied Mezzes, cold or hot specialties presented in small ramekins, which you must point out to be later served at the table in larger dishes (each mezze has its own price).
A showcase exhibiting a rich variety of fresh fish, leaving you a free choice of shell species.

You have to plan around 100 € à la carte, for two people with a bottle of wine included.


Addresses of the 3 restaurants in Istanbul:
Tarabya Mah. Sahil Yolu Haydar Aliev Caddesi No: 208 34457 Sarıyer / İSTANBUL
Rezervasyon: +90 212 223 33 33
Telefon: +90 212 262 44 00
E-Posta: info@yukselbalik.com

Yeşilköy Mah. Yeşilköy İskele Cad. No: 22 BAKIRKÖY / İSTANBUL
Rezervasyon: +90 212 574 34 34
Telefon: +90 212 662 36 06
E-Posta: info@yukselbalik.com

Yeşilköy Mah. İskele Cad. No: 18 BAKIRKÖY / İSTANBUL
Rezervasyon: +90 212 573 34 44
Telefon: +90 212 573 34 43
E-Posta: info@yukselbalik.com

360 Restaurant in Istanbul – World Cuisine

The 360 ​​restaurants in Istanbul is located on the famous and lively Istiklal street between Taksim and Galata, located on the top floor (6th) of a building named “MISIR apartmanı” dating from 1910.

This building was built by the prefect of Egypt from where his name Mısır = Egypt, made by the Armenian architect: Hovsep Aznavuryan.

Very well known to Stambouliotes, it is worth a detour just for the awe-inspiring view of the Bosphorus, the old town and its trendy atmosphere.

The 360 ​​is an unusual, fun place to spend a nice and pleasant Stambouliote evening.

The menu is varied: You can eat sushi or Turkish specialties, the food is good and international.

It is necessary to plan for approximately €100, à la carte for two people with a drink (reservation advised).

Address: Tomtom Mh., Istiklal Cad. Mısır Apt.No:163 K: 8, 34433 İstanbul.
Phone: (0212) 251 1042

Restaurants in Istanbul and Bar of the same group on Istiklal Street
In a Russian musical atmosphere, numerous cocktails, tasting of caviar, quality mezzes

you can book online http://www.1924istanbul.com/

Istiklal Caddesi, Olivya Geçidi No: 7

T: 0 212 243 8 360

M: 0 530 896 0 360

The restaurant La Petite Maison in Istanbul – French, Provencal and Nicoise Cuisine

The restaurant La Petite Maison in Istanbul is located in Pınar, Markalar Sokağı & Katar Caddesi İstinye Park AVM No: 519, 34460 Sarıyer – / Sarıyer / İstanbul

The decoration was carried out by a large Spanish architecture house ”Sagrada”, the lighting design by the famous designer: Thierry Dreyfus / paintings by Bedri Baykam, a world-renowned Turkish contemporary painter, are part of the restaurant‘s subtle decor.

One of the largest Turkish weekly newspaper “Hürriyet” in 2014 named La Petite Maison as the best restaurants in Istanbul.
The refined gourmet cuisine of famous chef Liam Smith-Laing offers: foie gras / ratatouille / Nicoise salad / pissaladière / tapenade …

Count €100 for 2 people, without drinks.


Pınar, Markalar Sokağı & Katar Caddesi İstinye Park AVM No: 519, 34460 Sarıyer – / Sarıyer / İstanbul

Phone: (0212) 232 02 32

The Divan Brasserie Restaurant in Bebek, Istanbul – World Cuisine

Restaurants in Istanbul
Restaurants in Istanbul

Located in the Bebek district on the edge of the Bosphorus, the Divan Brasserie Bebek restaurants in Istanbul is mostly frequented by the locals themselves, little by the tourists.

The view of the Bosphorus is splendid, located in an upscale district of Istanbul (which you can discover at the same time).

It is a high quality brasserie, offering the possibility of simply quenching your thirst or enjoying a small snack. Divan is very well known in the country for its exceptional pastries. A wide variety of wines on the menu is also suggested. For 40 years, the place has been open from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. without interruption, 7/7.

Divan has its own home port, by reservation you can come directly by boat.

The cuisine is refined for a really more than reasonable price given the setting and the high quality of the dishes served.

Divan is a chain of restaurants in Istanbul / brasseries / pastries / luxury hotels very famous in the country.

Allow between 50 and €70 for two people (without drinks).

Cevdet Paşa Caddesi No: 28 / A Bebek İstanbul / +90 212 263 29 73 (local call).

The Sunset restaurant in Istanbul – Turkish/Japanese/Sushi and World Cuisine

The Sunset Istanbul restaurant is located in Ulus (Europe side) on a hill near a large park.

The restaurant is frequented by a dressed clientele (proper attire required).

To take advantage of a place on the terrace overlooking the Bosphorus with its exceptional view, you will need to book several days in advance.

The Restaurant offers 4 different cuisines:

1 / Member of the chain of ROTISSEURS Grill BAR

2 / Mediterranean cuisine

3 / Turkish cuisine

4 / Japanese cuisine and Sushi Bar

The Sunset in Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the places where one must imperatively spend an evening at Istanbul. The bar offers sumptuous Coktails, while others can wiggle.

Sunset has its own vineyards located in the Aegean Sea since 1800, of which they started producing wine in 1933, which among other things makes their cellars rich. However, be aware with the prices, which can rise as quickly as the ambient temperature.

The quality of service is exceptional, the atmosphere is friendly and distinguished.

It is a bit cool at night, very attentive table hosts will offer you shawls to warm you up.

To spend an exceptional evening: restaurants in Istanbul / bar / dance… look no further than SUNSET, it is one of the essential addresses in Istanbul.

You should know that the price is up to the frame and the services offered, around 100 € per person, it all depends on your choices of course, but especially the wines and cocktails to taste.


Address: Kuruçesme Mh., Yol Sk. No: 2 / Telephone: +90 212 287 03 57 / (0212) 287 0357

Ulus 29 restaurants in Istanbul – Sushi / Turkish and World Cuisine

The Ulus 29 restaurants in Istanbul is located in ULUS near the Sunset restaurant in an exceptional setting, overlooking the Bosphorus.
The national reputation of this establishment means that you must book in advance.

Renowned for their wines, the French sommelier: Stéphane Vattepain has been listening to his customers for 3 years.

The ULUS 29 cellar has 322 references and more than 5,000 bottles. Quality wine in Turkey is an expensive product with high import costs.

In the evening, the dance floor is open, it’s time to enjoy the cocktail bar in a trendy and friendly atmosphere.

Ulus 29 has always been the fashionable place for Stambouliotes.


Adnan Saygun caddesi ulus parki içi n ° 71/1 Ulus / tel: +90 212 358 29 29/0212 358 29 29 (local call).

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