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Shopping in Istanbul zorlu center

Shopping in Istanbul

Where to go shopping in Istanbul? What are the main shopping centers in Istanbul? What are the most interesting malls in Istanbul?

Those are the main questions that the tourist may ask while planning to visit Istanbul.

Here are some answers!

Since the 1990s, particularly from the early 2000s, Istanbul has seen its number of shopping centers increase dramatically – shopping in Istanbul.

In this megalopolis of more than 16 million inhabitants, building projects are always more spectacular than the previous ones. If you know about Turkey today, even as a tourist, you could not escape this constantly growing phenomenon.

Turkey is now becoming a popular destination for shopping in Istanbul!

Shopping centers are being built here and there, we are constantly discovering new ones that appear in the shopping in Istanbul.

During your trip to Istanbul, do not hesitate to go to one of the most important shopping centers to make your purchases and take advantage of the many animations that they propose – shopping in Istanbul.

In general, these are open every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Some data about Shopping Istanbul

How many shopping centers exist in Turkey? 352, including 16 built in 2018.

How many shopping centers are there in Istanbul? 118, which represents almost a third of the total.

Among the dozens of shopping in Istanbul, we can retain the following for their characteristics:

Istanbul shopping centers on the European Side – Shopping Istanbul

The Forum Istanbul mall

Forum Istanbul is located in the Bayrampaşa district. It contains 265 different stores, including many world famous brands such as IKEA, Decathlon and H&M …

It is also an entertainment center with the very first gigantic aquarium of Istanbul Turkuazoo that was built in this shopping center.

Edutainment and Jurassic Land are also funny places for children located in the Istanbul Forum.

The Forum Istanbul shopping center was inaugurated in 2006 and is quite simply the largest shopping center in Turkey and Europe with an area of 500,000 m².

The Viaport Venezia mall

Located on the European shore in Gaziosmanpaşa, the shops, restaurants are on the edge of canals where you can navigate with gondola. It is an atypical, unique outlet, performance hall, quality restaurants, but also a place of exceptional habitat.

The easiest access is by car or taxi, you can get to VİA PORT VENEZİA AVM also by Bus, Tram or Cable Car. These are the lines and routes that have stops nearby – Tram: Tram – T4; Bus: Bus – 336E, Bus – 336Y, Bus – 36EM, Bus – 36T, Bus – 78C.

The Cevahir Istanbul Mall

Cevahir Istanbul mall is one of the largest shopping centers on the European continent with almost 350,000 m².

Located in the Mecideyeköy district, two metro stops from Taksim, it has no less than 280 shops spread over six floors.

Cevahir Mall is probably the most popular mall in Istanbul for tourists and locals.

Cevahir Istanbul is open every day from 10.00 to 22.00. Today there are 341 shops, 52 restaurants, 14 cinemas, 1 roller coaster bowling alley in the mall.

Cevahir Istanbul has 10 floors, 6 for shopping and 4 for parking. Cevahir Istanbul is visited by 30 million people each year.

Akmerkez Istanbul Shopping Center

Shopping in Istanbul
Shopping in Istanbul

Akmerkez Shopping Center is located in the Levent district, near the metro station of the same name.

Akmerkez is one of the oldest (since 1993) and best known shopping center in Istanbul. It is located on 180,000 square meters, in a popular neighbourhoud for luxury shopping.

The Akmerkez shopping center is open daily from 10.00 AM until 22.00 PM. The Akmerkez shopping center is visited by 2 million people each month. There are 246 stores in Akmerkez and the largest is Beymen with 4,794 square meters.

Istinye Park Istanbul Shopping Center

There are 300 stores in the Istinye Park Mall, covering 242,000 square meters.

The Istinye Park shopping center was built with $ 270 million investment. Parking is available for 3,200 cars on four different levels.

There are 64 escalators and 12 cinemas.

The Istinye Park Mall is located in the Tarabya district of İstanbul.

The Zorlu Mall

A new must-see place in Istanbul, at the crossroads of the worlds of the spectacle, the visual and contemporary arts, the Zorlu art center (Zorlu Performing Arts Center) offers representations of the most famous troupes in the world and the elite of artists for a live performance.

The Zorlu Shopping Mall is considered one of the most prestigious in Istanbul built in the middle of a lush flora of the banks of the Bosphorus, the shopping center is home to around 180 shops, covering a total area of ​​70,000 m².

Overlooking the historic heart of Istanbul, Prince Island and the Bosphorus Bridge, the Zorlu Center offers the elite an exceptional choice of residences from 117 to 735 m².

The office spaces of the Zorlu Center, located in the heart of a vast green setting (72,000 m², shopping in Istanbul), have been designed to provide professionals with a working environment that guarantees them serenity and productivity.
Access: metro and metro-bus, Zincirlikuyu or Gayrettepe stop.

The Kanyon Levent mall

The Kanyon shopping center is located in Istanbul in the prestigious Levent district. It is not only a huge shopping center, but also a residential tower.

Kanyon opened its doors to visitors in 2006. It has more than 170 stores on 4 floors . It covers 250,000 m² dedicated to shopping in Istanbul.

This mall is very pretty, well laid out, and open air. Definitely a perfect choice for a cinema session (its cinema is known because it is very large and quite comfortable).

Access: Metro Levent

The Mall of Istanbul

A new shopping center “Mall of Istanbul” opened in Istanbul in June 2014.

Located ten minutes from the old Ataturk International Airport, it is easily accessible by highway and equipped with numerous shopping car parks in Istanbul.

Each new mall tries to stand out from other shopping centers in order to attract a growing number of customers.

A bet that has been successful for the Mall of Istanbul: a real Luna Park was built inside the Mall of Istanbul, in a decor of caves and canyons made from scratch. Among them, a roller-coaster that puts your head upside down, all kinds of attractions for great thrills and rides for the little ones.

Victoria Secret’s and Pink also opened its doors there, as large as the American boutiques, with the same collections, shopping in Istanbul.

Istanbul shopping centers on the Asian side

The biggest mall of Turkey: VIA PORT

It is close to Gökcen Airport, easy to get there by car or taxi, a little more complicated to get there by transport, but it is definitely worth taking a ride.

On 69,000m2 are 200 oversized shops, a parking lot for 4,500 vehicles, a large restaurant area, with many real restaurants, amusement park, pony club, reproduction of a local market, and many things to see and discover.

The VIA PORT shopping center is a gigantic and exceptional shopping center!

How to get to VIAPORT?

From the European shore take the Marmaray Ayrilik cesmesi then metro to Kadiköy then direction Tavsantepe, get off at Pendik and finally minibus for Viaport.

From Asia take the 16KH bus from 5h00 to 21h45 at Kadiköy direct 78 stations, patience is required since the way is long.

The Watergarden Istanbul mall

The Watergarden mall is located in Atasehir. You can take the minibus to go there.

At the Watergarden shopping center, you will find a multitude of shops and restaurants uniquely designed, chic, friendly, exterior and interior are also attractive which is rare for a shopping center.

Watergarden is quieter compared to other shopping centers, therefore more pleasant for shopping.

The spectacle of water jets is an additional asset to its beauty and originality.

The Akasya Acibadem Istanbul mall

It is located at Metro 4 Unalan. It is a complex mixing shops of major brands spread over 80,000 m2, restaurants and 1,600 luxury apartments.

A high-quality space for residents, visitors to the shopping center or office workers.

Ideal for inexpensive Istanbul shopping, the residential complex is formed by a single volume of 36 floors, thus freeing up the maximum amount of open space. Its green roof provides magnificent panoramic views of the city.

When are the sales in Istanbul? Turkish sales dates are no different than those of France but they are much longer!

* Big end-of-year sales of -50% in all shopping centers from December 15 to 31

* Winter sales in Turkey, shopping in Istanbul: early January to late March

* Summer sales in Turkey, shopping in Istanbul: end of June until the end of summer with Istanbul Shopping Fest.

“Istanbul Shopping Fest” is a shopping festival organized every year in June, during which ready-to-wear brands make special sales each in turn.

The Buyaka Istanbul mall

The Buyaka shopping center is a shopping center in Istanbul which is located on the Asian side. It is very different from other shopping centers in Istanbul.

Buyaka is a large shopping center which is adjacent to the other two shopping centers; Ikea, Buyaka. You can spend the whole day there.

The three shopping centers are in the same place and you have the opportunity to switch from one to the other by foot.

This is a huge advantage. Buyaka is a classic mall which contains a meydan, sort of a big square surrounded by shops and a big Ikea.

If you are bored of one, you can move on to the other.

Buyaka is a shopping center that has 110,000 m2 of construction, 42,000 m2 of rental commercial space and 140 stores: fashion, entertainment, terrace cafe, as well as restaurants and dining areas.

How to get to the Buyaka shopping center?

From Kadıköy you can take one of the buses 13, 14, 14B, 14ES, 20Ü you get off at Çakmak Köprüsü station after a 5 minute walk you arrive at the Buyaka shopping center.
From Mecidiyeköy you take bus 522 Çakmak Köprüsü you get off at Çakmak Köprüsü station after a 5 minute walk you arrive at Buyaka shopping center.

The Emaar Square Mall in Istanbul – Shopping Istanbul

Visiting the Emaar Square Mall Istanbul shopping center is a wonderful experience.

Emaar Square Mall Istanbul was conceived as an entertainment and gastronomic center, a luxurious center that is definitely worth a look during a visit to Istanbul.

Emaar Square Mall Istanbul opened on April 28, 2017. Investors have a target of 25 million visitors per year.

There are 400 shops, cinemas but not only but an aquarium and an underwater zoo also, an observation platform, entertainment areas, more than 100 diverse and varied restaurants from haute cuisine to fast food and cafes.

In the Emaar aquarium, you can discover more than 20,000 marine species. If you have already had the opportunity to visit the aquariums of the European shore (istanbul aquarium and sealife) it will be for you an additional discovery, see more interesting than the others because they have studied the competitors well and achieved a marvel.

Emaar Square Mall Istanbul is part of a luxurious resort.

Useful information:

How to reach Emaar Square Mall in Istanbul?

Ünalan Mahallesi, Ayazma Caddesi No: 78 Üsküdar, 34700,

İstanbul / TÜRKİYE +90 (216) 547-1730/ +90 (216) 291-1851/ E : info@emaar.com.tr

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