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sunset boat tour istanbul

Sunset Boat Tour Istanbul

The sunset boat tour is the culture and entertainment tours that should be preferred in terms of seeing Istanbul in real terms, learning its history and enjoying its magnificent view. It is a privilege to witness the fascinating atmosphere of Bosphorus at sunset.

Bosphorus boat tour at sunset, Islands tour and Golden Horn tour reveal the historical, cultural and geographical richness of Istanbul. The blue-green hues of the sea, the air of the sea, and the transformation of the sky from blue to red create an amazing ambiance.

The tours starts from a few different points of Istanbul and ends at the starting pier. Boat tours are offered hourly and daily depending on the route and tour organization. The sunset tours usually take 1-2 hours and end with the darkening of the air.

The pearl of Istanbul Bosphorus tour is the most preferred for Sunset Boat Tour Istanbul. Many tourists come from one end of the world to Istanbul and participate in boat tours to watch the legendary Bosphorus view. Bosphorus is the center of attention for those coming from cities outside Istanbul. Because Bosphorus is one of the important places called Istanbul’s neck necklace that describes Istanbul in the best way. Bosphorus, connecting the Anatolian and European continents, is famous for its shores, historical mansions, palaces, pavilions and mosques, entertainment centers, and lush green groves. The lights that light up on the coasts at sunset and their reflection on the sea create a fascinating environment. There are three bridges on the Bosphorus connecting Anatolia and Europe. While passing under these bridges, the old Istanbul skyline comes alive.

sunset boat tour istanbul
sunset boat tour istanbul

Sunset Boat Tour Istanbul – Istanbul Boat Trip 2020 

Another beauty of Istanbul is the Golden Horn. The unique view of the Golden Horn at sunset has become legendary. It inspired poets. By watching the Golden Horn view at sunset with city lines ferries or boat tours, you can breathe the scent of the sea and find peace with the sweet breeze that strikes your face.

The Golden Horn tour takes place between Eyupsultan and Uskudar. The boat route is Eyupsultan, Sutluce, Ayvansaray, Haskoy, Balat, Fener, Karakoy and Uskudar. You can get off the boat in Uskudar and get on the boats that sail to the Maiden’s Tower and pass to the Maiden’s Tower, which is historically very special and architecturally impressive.

The tour is the historical places you will see in Istanbul Golden Horn expedition, Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Suleymaniye, Cibali, Ayakapi, Fener red school, Balat, Halic, Kasimpasa, Galata Tower, Galata Bridge.

One of the most special places in Istanbul, the Sunset Boat Tour Istanbul, is the Islands. You can reach Kinaliada, Heybeliada, Buyukada, Burgazada and Marmara Islands with island tours.

There are several alternatives for Sunset Boat Tour Istanbul. These are the boats of private tour companies, City Lines Ferry cruises, luxury yacht tours. It will be beneficial to make a reservation in advance to participate in the boat tours.

sunset boat tour istanbul
sunset boat tour istanbul

There are long and short tour options for the Bosphorus. The long Bosphorus tour starts from Eminonu to Anadolu Kavagi and ends at Eminonu again. There is also the possibility of landing on the piers. The short tour program starts from Ortakoy, goes to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and ends in Ortakoy. The short lap time is one hour. The long tour with dinner takes about 3 hours.

The Sunset Boat Tour starts from the Eminonu Pier in Istanbul, and it is opposite from the shores of Karakoy, Besiktas, Ortakoy, Kurucesme, Arnavutkoy, Akcakburnu, Bebek bay, Aşiyan, Rumeli Hisarı, Emirgan, Istinye, Yenikoy, Tarabya, Kirecburnu, Sarıyer and Rumeli Kavagi. Transition to the Anatolian Side. It ends in Eminonu after Anadolu Kavagi, Beykoz, Pasabahce, Cubuklu, Kanlica, Anadolu Hisari, Kandilli, Vanikoy, Cengelkoy, Beylerbeyi, Kuzguncuk and Uskudar on the return road close to the Anatolian side.

The tour starts from Eminonu Pier, Istanbul City Lines Ferry, stops by Uskudar and Ortakoy Piers and returns from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. It also stops at Ortakoy and Uskudar Piers and ends at Eminonu Port.

Sunset Boat Tour Istanbul is one of the activities that must be tried to get to know Istanbul, live the history and enjoy the peace and nature. Those who make the sunset Bosphorus tour once, always want to do. You can invite by renting a boat for an unforgettable Bosphorus tour, you can celebrate your special days by renting a luxury yacht. You can enjoy the Bosphorus with city lines ferries.

You can find the Istanbul Sunset Boat Tour options in more detail on the internet pages of the tour companies.


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