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sunset bosphorus boat tour price

Sunset Bosphorus Boat Tour Price 2024

Before sunset bosphorus boat tour price, let’s review the curiosities about boat tours. The Bosphorus is one of the most important points of Istanbul, which connects the Asian and European continents, fascinates everyone with its magnificent scenery, and continues to keep the old Istanbul skyline alive with its historical and geographical beauties. Every season, every hour is a different beauty. The sunset is legendary.

Watching Istanbul from the sea is a different pleasure. For this purpose, boat tour services run throughout the day. You can find all your curiosity about these tours and their prices in our article.

First of all, private tour companies that offer Bosphorus tour at any time of the day have rental boats and tour programs. In addition, Bosphorus tour can be made with the possibility of City Lines Ferry. For those who want a more special Bosphorus tour, there are private yacht tours. Sunset Bosphorus Tour takes 2 hours between 19:00 PM – 21:00 PM. A 6-hour Bosphorus cruise can be preferred by combining the sunset tour with the dinner cruise.

Sunset Bosphorus boat tour prices – 2024

Sunset Bosphorus Boat Tour
Sunset Bosphorus Boat Tour

Let’s look at the sunset Bosphorus boat tour prices with the City Lines Ferry. Long Bosphorus tour trip price is 25 TL, Long Bosphorus tour is 15 TL one way. 3-12 age round trip is 12.50 TL, one way is 6 TL.

Short sunset Bosphorus boat tour prices are 12 TL, 6TL between 6-12 years old. It is free between the ages of 0-6.

For example, sunset strait boat tour with dinner changes according to the package programs of the tours. They determine their prices according to the services they provide with tours with cocktails, meals, tea and coffee or fish and bread menu.

The sunset strait boat tour menus with hors d’oeuvre plate, main dish suitable for fish, chicken or meat preference, intermediate hot, salad, fruit plate and local alcoholic beverage are served. If imported drink is desired, an additional fee is required. Dance shows, chapters, music and food menu are subject to a fee.

Some boats offer fish and bread. This sunset Bosphorus boat tour prices are much more affordable.

What will you see on the Istanbul sunset Bosphorus Tour Price Boat ?

The 2500-year-old unique Maiden’s Tower at the entrance of the Bosphorus on the Anatolian Side enchants those who see it. As you go from Marmara to the Black Sea direction, Dolmabahce Mosque and Palace will meet the tour passengers with their historical magnificence. The panoramic view of the Uskudar beaches impresses with the first lights of the evening. The journey continues in joy against the Old Istanbul Skyline. The light and shadows of our important historical works such as Dolmabahce Palace, Ciragan Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace, Kucuksu Pavilion are reflected in the waters of the Bosphorus and dance in harmony with the blue green waters of the sea.

As the sun passes under the Bosphorus bridges connecting the two continents, the sun gradually begins to disappear and the deep blue sky replaces red copper tones. Akcakburnu, Bebek, Asiyan, Rumeli Fortress, Emirgan, Istinye, Tarabya, Kirecburnu, Sariyer and Rumeli Kavagi are reached. On the opposite shore, Anadolu Hisari meets the boat with its imposing stance. Kanlica, Cubuklu, Pasabahce, Beykoz, Buyukdere, where the historical mansions float on the shores of the Anatolian side, fascinate those who see the sunset tour with dense forest texture. The return route continues closely on the Anatolian Side coast.

Although long or short sunset Bosphorus boat tour prices may seem high, it is worth the pleasure and peace of the Bosphorus.

For sunset Bosphorus boat tour prices, you can get more detailed information from different tour companies’ web addresses or travel sites.

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