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Turkish Currency, the Lira

Turkish Currency, the Lira

It’s the Turkish Currency (locals say “Turkish Lira”) and for the little currency kuruş (pronounced “kouroush”).

€1 = 22 TL

Look at the exchange rate at the time of your trip, the real value is changing as the time!


Don’t be wrong when you give the money, separate the pounds/dollars/euros from the Turkish Liras.
Coins and notes are similar in color, such as:

  • €50 and 50 TL
  • €10 and 10 TL
  • €1 coin and 1 TL coin

The euro is not accepted necessarily. Transportation must be paid in Turkish Currency (taxis, bus, boat, tram, metro etc).

If you pay in euros, calculate your currency well with the current rate, because the person will probably return you in Turkish Currency; the best is to top up or give him the change that should normally be returned to you, for the kindness he has had to help you out.

You can change your euros to Turkish Currency in your home country at the bank, but with a rate that is not at all advantageous, you will definitely lose out (unless you know the boss). Better to do it in exchange offices, because the commission will be minimum or zero. ATMs are easy to find. They are like mushrooms, they grow everywhere.

Otherwise, the airport and the hotels also change currency but beware of the short rate that is often very low, so less advantageous for you. In the banks, there is an interesting rate comparables to the ones in exchange offices except that it will be necessary to be patient because they are often very frequented, therefore a lot of waiting.

Turkish Currency, the Lira
Turkish Currency, the Lira

If you are withdrawing money from a bank machine and there is the euro symbol indicated on it, this means that the distributor can give you euro or Turkish Currency according to your choice.

The exchange rate commission will be written in detail on your bank account statement arrived at your home, because not all banks indicate it; but be sure that they all apply the exchange rate of the day (so it’s up to you to calculate on your fingers if it is not displayed).

There is a bill of 5 Turkish Lira, 10 Turkish Lira, 20 Turkish Lira, 50 Turkish Lira, 100 Turkish Lira, 200 Turkish Lira for the coins 5 kuruş, 10 kuruş, 25 kuruş, 50 kuruş, 1 Turkish Lira

If the shopkeeper has to give you small change like 1 kuruş or 5.25 kuruş and there is none in his cash register, no need to wait, he will not give it to you, not because you are a tourist but because he does not have it all (for Turks it is the same). It works both ways, if you do not have the small kuruş of coins, the shopkeeper will tell you that it does not matter (except in very touristy places).

PS: Those who have old Turkish banknotes with zeros as far as the eye can see, it has not worked since 1. January 2005 date of the appearance of the new Turkish Currency, 6 zeros were erased and 1,000,000 TL became 1 TL. Regarding the fact of wanting to change the old with the new Turkish Lira, you won’t get anything out of it. No need to make them take the trip. Keep them in mind!

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