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Uzungol Places to Visit

Uzungol Places to Visit

Uzungol is located in Caykara District of Trabzon province. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has determined Uzungol as a tourism center. Characterized as paradise, Uzungol is described as a corner from heaven with its white clouds covering the deep blue sky and forest landscape that contains many shades of green. Uzungol is rich in terms of places to visit and is flooded with local and foreign tourists in every season.

The lake is 1000 meters long, 500 meters wide and 15 meters deep

The first settlement in Uzungol dates back to 1650. It is old name is Saraho. Uzungol, which has a long history, has been the capital of various empires. Historical monasteries, mosques and mansions have reached from past to present. It is 1090 meters above sea level. Uzungol was formed when the rocks and soils that slid as a result of landslide from the slopes of the Serah Village covered the front of the Haldizen stream.


Serah Village, one kilometer from Uzungol, is one of the most beautiful places in the region with its old wooden houses among the greenery. It is possible to stay in this village.

Haldizen Valley is one of the leading places in the list of Uzungol places to visit. Nature walks are carried out in the fragrant mountain flowers of Haldizen Plateau and in it is lush green landscape. In addition, botanical tours, bird watching trips attract great attention.

Haldizen Plateau is close to the natural beauty of villages such as Seker su, Demirkapı, Yayla, as well as wooden village houses unique to the Black Sea architecture.

Uzungol is famous for it’s plateaus in terms of Uzungol places to visit. Plateaus at an altitude of 2000 -3000 meters above sea level can be quite cold even in summer. Let’s talk about Uzungol highlands.

Karester Plateau is so beautiful as to be called natural wonder. Watching Uzungol from the hill fascinates tourists. It is the ideal plateau for those who want to camp.

Sekersu Plateau is one of the most beautiful plateaus in Uzungol places to Visit. In summer, it is flooded with tourists.

Lustra plateau fascinates those who go with it is tranquility, silence, magnificent scenery and clean air.

Uzungol was declared as Nature Park in 1989. It is under protection due to its rich vegetation, magnificent scenery and wildlife.

Other plateaus and lakes in Uzungol Places to visit list, Traskapanı Plateau, Fish and Stallion Lakes, Veli Plateau, Buyuk Yayla, Multat Plateau, Tabanoz Plateau and Derindere Plateau.

When it comes to The lake, small lakes at the height of the mountains come to mind. It is the region that must be seen. You can reach the location of these lakes by hiking and renting Atvs and jeeps. The region is ideal for paragliding enthusiasts.

While hiking around the lake, every shade of green is encountered. The vibrant colors of mountain roses on the rock slopes welcome those who walk in harmony with the green vegetation.

Kiremitli Hapsiyas Bridge is one of the important places in Uzungol Places to Visit. The one-eyed arch bridge is made of large wooden logs. It is feet are cut stones and are placed on rocks. It has a red tile roof above its body. This bridge, built in 1935, was registered as a monumental monument in 1996.

Uzungol Mosque is the symbol of Uzungol. The arch, where Uzungol and Haldizen Stream meet, is just below the Bridge. There is a magnificent view of the mosque that shines like a jewel near the lake. The shadow of the mosque that hits the lake is included in all promotional photos. It is a must to see this magnificent view. The minarets of the mosque can be seen before reaching Uzungol.

If you go to Uzungol from Trabzon – Rize coastal road, a magnificent view will accompany you along the way. You can reach Caykara by passing through Yomra, Arsin, Araklı and Surmene respectively. On the road where the tea factories are located, there are facilities where you can drink delicious teas of the Black Sea.

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