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Alanya Kizilkule

Alanya Kizilkule – Damlatas – Alanya Ethnography Museum

Alanya Kizilkule is located in Alanya Harbor. The tower, which is a 13th century Seljuk building, was built by Seljuk Sultan I. Alaeddin Keykubad. The architect of the tower, which attracts attention with its architecture, is the builder of Aleppo, one of the best architects of the period, Abu Ali Reha el Kettani. Its purpose is to prevent attacks from the sea, to protect the harbor and the shipyard.

Stone, marble blocks and terracotta red bricks were used in the construction of the octagonal tower. The width of the walls of the tower is 12.5 meters. It is 33 meters high and 29 meters in diameter. In the 5-storey tower, daylight entering from the hill reaches to the first floor. Egg whites are used in the mortar to increase its strength. It has a red color as egg yolk is applied on its outer surface. It got its name from the color.

Alanya Kizilkule – Alanya Ethnography Museum

Alanya Kizilkule was turned into a museum in 1979. Alanya Ethnography Museum is on the first floor. There are inscriptions on the outer surface. The entire tower is open to visitors. The architecture of the tower and the view of its terrace fascinate visitors. The harbor, armory, shipyard, city walls, breakwater, shipyard beach can be viewed from the tower.

There are three inscriptions inside the tower. These include information about the building’s architect, Abu Ali Reha el Kattani, and the year of its construction. In the other two inscriptions, Alaeddin Keykubat was praised.

While Alanya Kizilkule is quite plain in appearance, a subtle and sophisticated design stands out in the interior. There is a cistern from the floor of the building to the fourth floor. This cistern collects rainwater with small channels. And it still functions today.

There are fifty six battlements on the facades of Alanya Kizilkule. There are 22 boiling pitch and water pouring openings that are used to repel the enemy for defense purposes. On the top floor, there is a cupcake to remove 6 waters from the wall.

The entrance door of Alanya Kizilkule, which has a very imposing appearance, is quite small and unpretentious. This is because it is used for military purposes. When you enter the door, you can reach the ground floor through a narrow corridor. In its center, the perimeter of the octagonal elephant leg is surrounded by a vaulted corridor. In the early days of the tower, there were wooden floors on the ground and first floors, extending from the beginning of the corridor vault to the upper cover. These rooms are thought to be for the guards to rest and rest. The stairs can be reached to the upper floor with high stone steps. There are 16 ventilation shafts at the base of the corridor at the edge of the cistern. These chimneys carry the light from the terrace to the floor. A large ship graffiti is visible on the city wall outside the door on the 1st floor.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of Alanya Kizilkule are open terraces. There is a mezzanine on the first floor, and on the second floor there are two vaulted spaces and an open courtyard on each surface of the octagonal structure. On the third floor, there are three rooms on each surface and a terrace from the rooms. On the fourth floor, there are visors and dunes made for defense and can be reached to the terrace.

Alanya Ethnography Museum on the first floor of Alanya Kizilkule displays local carpets, rugs, clothes of the period, kitchenware, weapons, weighing instruments, lighting tools, looms and tents reflecting Turkmen culture. In addition, cultural and artistic activities such as painting exhibitions, Seljuk art photographs and classical music concerts are also held in Alanya Kizilkule. While watching the magnificent panoramic view on the terrace of the tower, a wonderful ambiance has been created with classical music. In addition, you can travel through the walls from the tower and travel in history.

In the 5-storey museum, there is an exhibition of Seljuk art with photographs. Classical music concerts are occasionally held on the terrace floor of the museum.

Alanya Kizilkule is one of the most important historical buildings from the Seljuk Period. Complementing each other with Alanya Castle, the building is the symbol of Alanya.

Alanya Kizilkule is flooded with local and foreign tourists every month of the year with its architecture, majestic appearance and scenery.

Alanya – Visiting Hours – Damlatas

Alanya – Damlatas Cave
Alanya – Damlatas Cave

Alanya Kizilkule Visiting Hours:

  • In the summer period between April 15 and October 3, between 08:30 and 19:30
  • In the winter period between October 2 and April 14, between 08:30 and 17:30
  • On holidays, it is open to visitors all day

Alanya Kizilkule can be reached from Alanya Port. Entrance is paid. Museum card is valid. It is one of the important historical buildings that everyone who comes to Alanya for holiday should not see and return. It is also possible to visit the tower with tours prepared by tour companies. In this way, it is possible to get guidance service on its history and architecture.

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