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Belek City of Antalya

Belek city… One of the heavenly corners of Antalya… It is one of the tourism centers that heralds a clean, untouched dreamlike holiday, whose natural life balance is intact. Even though it is a neighborhood of Serik District of Antalya, Belek is a place that is always known as a tourism city. It is one of our beautiful tourism paradises, with a refreshing scent emanating from pine and eucalyptus trees, a charming landscape and a wonderful harmony of green and blue.

Every year, thousands of tourists come from one end of the world to Antalya Belek City and leave with the hope of coming back with good memories.
The difference of Antalya Belek City from other tourism centers in the surrounding is its untouched nature as well as golf courses. Turkey’s greatest golf courses are located in and make their home in Belek golf tournament.

Antalya Belek City is also very rich in terms of history. In the lands where many civilizations lived, historical buildings and centers are quite high. There are many important centers from Aspendos to Ancient Perge and Silyo.

Antalya Belek City Places to See

Belek City Center
Belek City Center

Aspendos theatre

It is the most important historical building in the region. The theater in the ancient city, which has 2000 years of history, has an audience capacity of 15 000 people. The theater, which was founded by the Romans on two big and small hills in the 2nd century, is the theater that hosts many concerts today. Marble is used in the seating and coverings. There are 5 main entrance doors and smaller doors. It has a semicircular shape. The floor is covered with stone. The most important feature is the acoustic orchestra. Due to the excellent sound distribution, it is still used as a concert venue today.

Perge Ancient City

Perge Ancient City Passing through the district of Perge, you will come across the mosaic covered road. The ancient city, which belonged to the Hellenistic Period, was the capital of Pamphylia. Its baths, agora and acropolis are among the must-see places. Its architecture and marble sculpting attract attention. Many important marble sculptures were found in the excavations and these are exhibited in the Antalya Museum.

Silyon Ancient City

Although not confirmed, its origin is thought to be based on the Hittites. On the other hand, no ruins belonging to the Hittites were found during the excavations. However, it is one of the well-preserved ancient cities to date. It is located on Serik Koçhisar Hill. The buildings belonging to the Byzantine period are among the ancient cities that tourists visit with their towers and city gates.

Religions Garden

Dinler Garden is one of the important centers of Antalya Belek City. Three different religions met in the same garden. While the mosque, synagogue and church are located in the same garden, these three religious members performed their prayers on the basis of brotherhood. It is one of the important points where religions and culture fuse together, almost unlike in the world.

Kursunlu Waterfall

It is a waterfall within the natural park border of Antalya Belek City. Kurşunlu Waterfall, which is connected to seven small lakes, is one of the heavenly corners where there are clean waters, more than a hundred bird species and various forest animals. It has a hidden cave under the water. There are nice restaurants and cafes around Kurşunlu Waterfall, which is a natural wonder.

Uçansu Waterfalls

The highest waterfall in Antalya Waterfalls is Uçansu Waterfall. It is located between Kayabükü and Eskibağ villages of Serik district, 70 kilometers from Antalya. It is not directly accessible by an asphalt road. Transportation is done by off-road vehicles, such as a path. For this reason, jeep safaris are organized in the waterfall area. Transportation difficulties reduce the number of visitors. Apart from its unique nature and cold waters day trips, it provides enthusiasts the opportunity to camp in their own tents.

Golf Courses

When it comes to Antalya Belek City, golf is one of the first to come to mind. Turkey has the largest golf courses in Belek. Golf tournaments are organized in the perfect view of Belek and golf lovers from all over the world come here.

Zeytintaşı Cave

The 8-million-year-old cave in Zeytintaşı Hill still continues its formation. Therefore, it is called in a living cave. It was found as a coincidence in 1997 to open a quarry and was taken under examination. It is covered with dripstones. It is a 1st degree archaeological site. Pasta stalactites are characteristic of the cave. There are small lakes formed between large columns.

Manavgat waterfall

Manavgat waterfall, which passes through the district of Manavgat, is an exciting peaceful environment with its wide, fast and abundant water. Manavgat river is an important natural resource of our country as clean drinking water. Sporty and touristic sports such as rafting, canoeing are performed on it. It attracts the attention of foreign tourists.

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