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History of the Bodrum Castle

History of the Bodrum Castle

The castle, which has 600 years of history, is one of the most important symbols of Bodrum today. The land part of Bodrum Castle, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, was nominated before the ancient times and over time, it became a peninsula by combining with the land. It is built on 33.5 decares of land. There is one of the world’s most famous underwater archeology museums inside the castle, which is a port on both sides. In the inner garden, there is a Tree Museum with Mediterranean climate trees, plant and flower varieties. Thousands of tourists come to Bodrum every year to see the splendor of the castle from all over the world.

History of Bodrum Castle
History of Bodrum Castle

History of Bodrum Castle

The construction of Bodrum Castle started in 1415 and was completed in 1513. In its construction, the Knights of Rhodes worked. The castle, built in the form of a square, has passed into history as Saint Peter Castle. The castle has 5 main towers. These are named as English Lion Tower, Spanish Snake Tower, German, French, Italian Towers. The longest tower is the French Tower at a height of 47.50 meters.

The Castle was attacked by the Russian navy in 1770. Although the walls of the castle where the castle is connected to the land are built in two layers, the facade walls facing the sea are made weaker. The reason for this was that knights had good defense in sea attacks. In addition, 7 doors were built to reach the inner castle. There are crucifix, dragon and lion crests on the doors. Bodrum Castle was used as a prison during the reign of Abdülhamit in 1895. Famous writer Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, known as Halikarnas Balıkçısı, was exiled to Bodrum Castle. He spent a year and a half here and was fascinated by Bodrum during this time.

The Castle was bombed by the British and French navy during the First World War, and was severely damaged.
Bodrum Castle, which started to be used as Museum Directorate in 1964, was converted into the Underwater Archaeological Museum in 1979. The Castle is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List.

Bodrum Castle Underwater Museum

The world-famous museum welcomes local and foreign tourists in every season. The museum received the “Special Praise” award at the European Museum competition in 1995.

You can enter Bodrum Underwater Museum from Bodrum Harbor. At the entrance of the museum, there are busts of Halikarnas Balıkçısı, one of the symbols of Bodrum, and Heredot, an ancient Greek historian and writer. The castle is reached by passing through narrow ladder tunnels. The inner castle can be reached by passing through the gates and the bridge with rigging figures on it. Here, there is a mosque and a Turkish Bath converted by adding a minaret to the chapel from the Ottoman Period. The names of the Spanish knights who worked in the repair of the gothic chapel are located on the front facade.
In the inner courtyard of the inner castle, there is a nice cafe among different types of trees and flowers. While the animals are drinking and resting, various animals are wandering around, and the peace of green and colorful flowers can be enjoyed by the tourists.

In order to visit the castle, it is necessary to follow the stones marked with arrows giving direction on the ground.
Important works in the museum;

  • Turkish bath
  • The ruins of the Byzantine Ship that sank in 626
  • Uluburun Shipwreck
  • Lycian merchant ship that sank 3,300 years ago
  • The sinking boat in 1025 and the 3-ton glass collection from the boat
  • Carian Princess Hall with tomb finds of the Carian Queen
  • Amphora works
  • Coins and Jewelery Hall
  • Torture and Massacre Rooms

Famous for its magnificence and impressive appearance, towers, archaeological artifacts and history, Bodrum Castle is one of the important historical buildings that must be seen. It is an ideal place for those who want to travel in history as well as its beauty that will not be told, its magnificent view.
Bodrum Castle is open to service between 09.00 – 12.00 and 14.00 – 19.00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and weekend days. Bodrum Castle is open to visitors in all seasons of the year for four seasons. However, it is much more comfortable to travel in the spring.

How to get to Castle?

Bodrum Castle is 36 km from Bodrum Center and Milas Airport. Those who come to Bodrum Bus Terminal by bus can reach Bodrum in about 40 minutes by bus and minibus to the castle. There are also car rental and taxi services at the airport and bus station.

Those who will go to Bodrum Castle by private vehicle can easily reach the castle by following the signs when they come to the city center. One of the most ideal options for touring Bodrum Castle is making use of tour companies. Tour companies are quite good both in transportation and guidance services.

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