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Istanbul Metro Istanbulkard

The Istanbul metro – Istanbulkard was built for the first time in 1992 on 124 km. The metro works dragged on for a long time but there was a political will towards the 2000s, which made that the metro were carried out one year after another to reach the 400 km objective in 2019. The Istanbul Metro – Istanbulkard is written and calls itself metro as in English, its use is practical and easy.

Istanbul Metro: open from 6 a.m. to midnight.

All transport in Istanbul is free for children under 6: offer valid for all nationalities.

The Istanbul Metro is a practical means of transport among many others (boat / minibus / bus / dolmus…) many people use it throughout the day. Peak hours are not well defined. To be honest, all day is peak hour!

istanbul metro
istanbul metro

You cannot pay in cash, you will have to bring the transport card for the metro, bus, boat, metro-bus, tram, funicular, ferry. Istanbulkart is valid only in the city of Istanbul (each city has its own transport ticket).

It is priced at 10 tl, Istanbulkart is plastic and you can keep it as a souvenir, or for a future trip to Istanbul, no expiration date.

PS: This card is not valid in minibuses and dolmuş, accepting only cash.

You will need to recharge the Istanbul (Istanbulkart) card regularly with “counters” which you can buy in the Istanbul metro (at the counter if there is one) or in self-service machines (be patient when you don’t know the maneuver, but there will always be someone to help you, don’t worry).

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