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Places to have Breakfast in Istanbul

Places to have Breakfast in Istanbul

We have researched for you the places to have breakfast in Istanbul and we present them to your information by grouping them according to their location, place and menus.

When we say work and power rush between the week, breakfasts are either on foot or they are passed by sandwiches, pastries and bagels. That’s why the taste of weekend breakfasts is something else. Especially if a place with Bosphorus view or nature is chosen, breakfast pleasure is fully experienced. Especially on Sundays, many breakfast venues are full and breakfast pleasures hang out until noon.

Places to have Breakfast in Istanbul

Bosphorus View Places places to have breakfast in Istanbul:

Where is the Divan Brasserie

Divan – Places to have Breakfast in Istanbul
Divan – Places to have Breakfast in Istanbul

Divan, located in Bebek, serves with its location, interior design and delicious breakfast buffet service. It is a great choice for those who want to enjoy breakfast by watching the beauty of the Bosphorus in a decent and warm environment. The prices are a bit high but it is a place where you can get your money’s worth.

Mangerie Brasserie

Another place from Bebek. Breakfast is served all day at Mangerie, which is a penthouse with a magnificent sea view. It can be difficult to find a place on weekends, but it is more secluded between weeks. The variety of breakfast is quite high and they are excellent options in terms of taste. The friendliness of the staff, the fact that the presentations and service are first class are among the reasons for being among the most preferred places.

The House Cafe in Istanbul

The House Cafe in Istanbul
The House Cafe in Istanbul

The House Cafe has many branches. However, we definitely recommend Ortakoy Branch. The Bosphorus view is perfect, and it displays an impressive atmosphere with its rustic interior design. Breakfast options are simply wonderful…


The place opposite Kabatas City Lines Pier offers excellent flavors with live music and sea views. Buffet breakfast options are quite high quality and delicious. Since it is very crowded on weekends, it is necessary to go early. It is one of the decent places preferred by local and foreign tourists.

Cengelkoy Historical Cinaralti Tea Garden in Uskudar

Cinaraltı Tea Garden in Uskudar
Cinaraltı Tea Garden in Uskudar

The constant face of Istanbul is one of the symbols of Cengelkoy. There are regulars who come to breakfast every morning on weekdays and weekends. Maybe it is one of the rare places to enjoy real breakfast in a wonderful atmosphere. Whether you bring your pastry and bagel with you, have breakfast by saying tea or choose from the breakfast menu. Everything you eat against the Bosphorus view will be twice as delicious.

Rumeli Kale Cafe & Restaurant

It is one of the places that are indispensable for local and foreign tourists and Istanbul residents with its breakfast menu containing delicious tastes in a wonderful atmosphere in Rumelihisarı. The view of the upper floor of the two-story venue is even more spectacular.

Local Village Breakfast Places

If you prefer local flavors among the places to have breakfast in Istanbul, here are the options:

Van Breakfast House – Places to have Breakfast in Istanbul

In Cihangir, there is no taste of local breakfast in a shabby place with its simple design consisting of wooden tables and chairs. Breakfast varieties of the place where you can find especially Eastern flavors; flavors such as kavut, pekmez, murtiye, jalisi, fenugreek, herb, cheese, kete, Van honey and cream. It is one of the leading places of breakfast pleasure in the magic atmosphere of unlimited tea and Cihangir.

Stella Breakfast Place

Stella, where you can taste the flavors of the village breakfast accompanied by the peace of nature, is one of the great places in Polonezkoy. It is one of the preferred places to spend a calm day against the forest view and start the day with delicious flavors.

Bahcesehir Antique Cafe

You should definitely go to the Antique Cafe in an authentic atmosphere where you can have a real village breakfast. It is a very pleasant and friendly place with its nostalgic decoration. It is a great place to breathe, have a nice day and eat delicious food for those living in and around Bahcesehir.


One of the most famous breakfast place addresses in Istanbul. Although it is difficult to find a place on Sundays, the crowd waiting for the door to be vacated is not the type to be underestimated. The reason for this is the elegance and style of the place, as well as organic, delicious breakfast menus.

It is immediately on the right when descending from Tunnel to Galata. Lace tablecloths offer healthy breakfast in an elegant environment with classic dinner sets.


With its flavors prepared from natural products, Lokma is one of the breakfast places that must be visited. It serves with a rich breakfast menu accompanied by a magnificent view. Everything from local tastes to fruit salads, buffalo cream, organic jams and honey, and rich cheese varieties are served in first class quality.

Datli Maya in Istanbul

In Datli Maya, one of the outstanding venues of Cihangir, everything is organic and everything is delicious. It is good to go early, as it is crowded on weekends. It is a small but quite cute place.

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