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Strange Turkish Customs

Strange Turkish Customs

So much so that these strange Turkish customs, which have become habitual, surprise and amaze the tourists coming to our country. Customs are rules accepted in the society from ancient times until today. There are many accepted traditions, customs in our country. However, some of them are strange under current conditions, but they are not abandoned as well.

What are the Strange Turkish Customs

Lead Pouring

In Turkish society, the number of lead pouring is done to protect against evil eye and magic. Melted lead is poured into the water and lead takes different forms. These pieces of lead are read like a fortune telling. It is believed that the evil eye is out of human. This tradition from shamanism continues to live in Anatolia. Various shaped lead pieces were found in the archaeological excavations of Oluz Hoyuk in Amasya. This revealed that there has been a lead pouring ritual in Anatolia for 2500 years.

Grooming Shave

One of the wedding traditions still in Anatolia is groom shaving. For the traditional groom shaving, either gather in the village square or go to the barber together with the groomsmen and the groom is shaved in a ceremonial way. Today, in city life, these luxuries are made in barbers and serious money is paid only because it is called “grooming shave”

According to Anatolian customs, the bride’s house prepares a bundle for grooming. It has a shaving apron, shackles and shaving. Quality fabrics such as silk and linen are preferred. The groom sits on the chair in the village square and the barber starts shaving. Meanwhile,traditional musical entertainments accompany shaving. Of course, the barber jokingly says razor does not cut until they gets their tip. When the shave is finished, the bath is accompanied by drum and Turkish clarion zurna.

Strange Turkish Customs
Strange Turkish Customs

Kız Isteme

Asking for a girl is a very important ceremony in Turkish culture. Although it changed the shape in the old times, the ceremony of asking girls still continues. Each region has different customs for girls. In general, the ceremonial boy side goes to the house of the girl’s side to ask her daughter for her family. Of course, for this, the day is determined by intermediaries and the groom’s side is invited. The girl’s house begins preparations. The groom’s side starts preparing the gifts they will take while going to ask for the girl. These gifts vary by region. In some places, while only going with chocolate and flowers, in others a little more exaggerated items such as socks, underwear, handkerchief, dressing gown, towel, slipper, mirror and comb and jewelry sets, promise rings are taken in others. The girl’s side also prepares a bundle of similar items for the groom. Today, these kinds of exaggerations are generally absent in city life. Flowers, chocolates and the ring are taken away.

When she wants to ask for a girl, the girl who will become a bride offers coffee to the guests. The groom’s coffee puts salt instead of sugar. According to custom, this is done to test the groom. It is one of the strange Turkish customs that if she drinks her face without grimacing, he will make her happy, and if he does not, he will be a difficult husband.

Breaking the Jug

One of the Strange Turkish Pieces is to break the test in Henna Night. Although we say it strange, it is a very important ritual in some regions to represent this abundance and fertility. The groom sits on the chair and the bride dances around the groom with her jug. Inside the jug are candy, chocolate, money wrapped in veil. The bride breaks the jugs in front of the groom at any time. Guests collect sugar and coins spilled from the test.

Kissing on the Cheek

A strange number of Turks kissing foreigners is to kiss on the cheek. It is a ritual made to show love and respect to the other person when they meet on the street, go to the guest house, celebrations, holidays, farewells and similar situations. It is also an indicator of sincerity. Often the cheeks are touched against each other and a kiss is thrown into the air at that moment.

Soldier Farewell

As the starting date of military service approaches for the young man who will go to the military, his family, friends and family circle make good-off ceremonies. Cadet become halal by visiting the subject, neighbor, relative, and they give underwear, socks, and money to the soldiers in those they become halal. Also, dinner invitations are given in honor of the soldier around the family and friends. On the day he will go to the military, there are fun accompanied by drums and zurna, the cadet soldier is thrown into the air by his friends under the Turkish flag and cheering “The greatest soldier is our soldier”. On the one hand, prayers are read to make him come alive. Although it has been banned recently, it is customary to take soldiers through a car convoy. Think this is a strange Turkish custom? Not much as like putting a pacifier on cadet’s hand so that soldiers don’t cry.

Offering cologne to the guests

In the Turkish culture, offering cologne to the guests is a very old tradition. The first cologne was imported in the Ottoman period during the reign of Abdulhamid II and used as a cleaning and medicine in the palace. The first domestic cologne was produced by Ahmet Faruki. Even though the cologne catering that has come from those years until now is on the list of Strange Turkish Pieces by foreigners, hygiene is provided with cologne that is served to the foreigner today.

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