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Turkish simit

The Turkish Simit

The Turkish simit, the essential sesame bun to eat all day! Sold on the streets by small merchant trailers, pastries, bakeries.

The simit is priced around 1.75 tl (0.30 cts €) in Istanbul. It is the maximum price arranged by the street vendors. In the bakeries, the price might be more expensive.

Tasty, crispy, it is best eaten hot, straight out of the oven. The simit is a real delight while accompanied with tea.

The Turkish Simit
The Turkish Simit

Turks eat it at all hours, may it be natural, with cheese, honey, tomatoes, olives, Nutella with tea and ayran… they never get bored of it!

A specialist of the modern simit for all tastes has been growing day by day: “Turkish simit Sarayı” also exports to Europe, in Netherlands. You can choose whether to eat in the restaurant or on the go. People actually eat Turkish simit without being hungry!

In Turkey, it is called the poor man’s meal because it is cheap and consistent!

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