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Antalya Waterfalls

The Waterfalls of Antalya

The waterfalls of Antalya have an important place in tourism with all kinds of facilities and transportation facilities. If you want to see nature, history and cultural heritage all together, you must visit Antalya. It is one of the tourist capitals of Turkey. Antalya has a diverse and amazing natural environment. It attracts global attention with its popularity and international infrastructure and is subject to an intense flow of tourists.

In addition to its beaches, highlands, rivers, caves and all other historical and natural beauties, Antalya is also a separate attraction with its waterfalls. The abundant water resources collected in the Taurus Mountains of Antalya reach the Mediterranean in the form of relatively short rivers and teas. Believe in the sea from the height of the majestic Taurus Mountains, these rivers and streams are the source of dozens of waterfalls, large and small, due to the relevance of the terrain structure. The Antalya Waterfalls which cause significant movement especially for daily tourism, are favorites of domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists. It is in great demand as a cool paradise on hot summer days with daily tours or private vehicles of local towns as well as locals.

Antalya Waterfalls

The waterfall signifies water and the freshness and life it brings. Even in the heat of summer, the cool waters, the surrounding forest structure and the amazingly beautiful waterfalls are the main reasons for this interest. The waterfall and the banks of the stream that compose it, and even the interior of the water are home to many places to walk, cafes and restaurants. Thanks to the extremely pleasant and peaceful environment for individuals of all ages, interest in Antalya Waterfalls is growing.

Among the many waterfalls in Antalya, almost everyone knows about the waterfalls known all over the world, such as Duden Waterfall, Manavgat Waterfall. In addition to these natural wonders, magnificent waterfalls such as Kursunlu Waterfall, Flying Waterfalls, Degirmendere (also known as Hidden Heaven), these ones stand out.

Duden Waterfalls – Antalya Waterfalls

Duden Waterfall, which is the most famous waterfall along with Manavgat Waterfall, is very close to the center of Antalya. It consists of a series of waterfalls over the stream known as sinkhole water. The first of these independent waterfalls is Duden Waterfall, 15 kilometers from the center of Antalya.

Duden Waterfall
Duden Waterfall

After this waterfall near the mountains, the upper Duden Waterfall is the North Duden Waterfall, which overflows 22 meters. The North Duden Waterfall, which is in 8 kilometers from central Antalya, disappears among the dense trees. Besides the recreation area formed around the waterfall, the historic area of ​​the necropolis of ancient Lyrbotae civilization is located. There are many monumental rock tombs around the waterfall.

The lower Duden Waterfall, which is the best known of the Duden Waterfalls, is located in the famous Lara Cliffs of Antalya. Duden waters, flowing directly into the Mediterranean 40 meters high from these cliffs rising like a wall from the sea is one of the unique beauties of the world. Necessary arrangements for tourism such as recreation areas and restaurants in the waterfall area have been made and a pleasant day in the waterfall awaits you.

Manavgat waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall, which is located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, 75 kilometers from Antalya and runs through the district, is an exciting place of peace with its high speed and abundant water. The Manavgat River is an important natural resource of our country as drinking water. It offers sports such as sports and tourist rafting, canoeing. The Manavgat Waterfall, located between Antalya and the Alanya district, attracts the attention of foreign tourists, especially for its location.

Kursunlu waterfall

When you turn the Antalya airport 3 kilometers to the left, i.e. towards the Taurus mountains, after 8 kilometers you come to the Kursunlu waterfall connected to 7 small lakes within the limits of the natural park. There is a wonderful walking line as well as a unique view of the waterfall around Oramanlik. You will find peace in the wonderful restaurants and cafes of nature, after the visit you will adore among the small forest animals that you can still see.

Ucansu Waterfalls – Antalya Waterfalls

The highest waterfall in Antalya Falls is the Ucansu Waterfall. It is located between Kayabuku and Eskibag villages in Serik district, 70 kilometers from Antalya. It is not directly accessible by an asphalt road. Transportation is done by off-road vehicles, like a path. For this reason, jeep safaris are organized in the waterfall area. Transport difficulties reduce the number of visitors. Besides its unique nature and cold water day trips, it offers enthusiasts the opportunity to camp in their own tents.

Degirmendere Waterfall (Hidden Paradise)

It is located between the districts of Manavgat and Alanya in Antalya. It takes its name from the presence of an old water mill in the area. The turquoise colored pool formed where the waterfall is poured is admirable. The waterfall, which is located in the unspoiled part of nature, is only visited by enthusiasts who know this place. It allows long walking pleasure on the trail and the forest road in its unique forest landscape.

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